Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Indian Summer vs. Autumn

Yikes!  The last few days around here have been hot, hot, HOT!  I keep trying to ease myself into the cool and welcoming arms of autumn, but apparently, summer has not given up the fight just yet.  This past weekend, we were hoping to to really get a feel for Fall when we visited The Pumpkin Patch farm, but it was still super warm that day.  We did, however, take full advantage of the farm's enticing produce being offered in their market on site.  It was amazing to see a TRUE farmers market filled to the brim with food picked just a few yards away. 

We came home with 20 pounds of pears for canning, canning jars, sugar pumpkins for homemade pumpkin pie (can't WAIT!), acorn squash, butternut squash, yellow and green zucchini, cherry tomatoes, basil, corn on the cob, cucumbers for pickles (or relish, haven't decided...), rhubarb (oh yeah!), and apple cider to boot.  I made a delicious favorite meal (per Kris's request) that night for dinner with a few of the items, and let me tell you....sooooo yummy!  Farm produce truly is the best, and cheapest.  To see what I made, click HERE.

I canned quite a few of the pears that night, although, two of my jars broke while they were processing, and I was so sad about that.  It's the first this has happened to me, but Kris assured me it happens all the time.  I have some pears left over today that I think I will make into either pear jam or pear butter, still debating.

While we were at the farm, Kris took Marin on the cutest wagon/tractor ride.  All these little barrels had been converted and painted into cow wagons with a chair inside, and the tractor pulled them around the farm, so cute!  Marin rode in a cow named "Bessie", I think she had fun :)

Sunday we got together with some friends and had an international feast!  Our theme was Western Europe, and I snagged France (of course) and made a delicious Spinach in Puff Pastry, so good!  We had some wonderful dishes from Sweden, Germany, Spain, and....oh, I forget, but so fun to be with friends.  This weekend is Conference-Bowl.  We are meeting for the the 2 hour interlude between sessions for lunch and are watching the last half on a projector screen, nice!

Here are some pics from our The Pumpkin Patch visit:
Marin and daddy climbing into Bessie
Poor little girl was hot and tired from the campout!

Away they go!
And back again, I think they had fun.
Byyyyye Bessie!
Inside the animal barn.  Look at that piggy tail, it looks so....sprightly?
Say Cheese!
Checking out the pumpkin carving tools inside the market.
Look at how big this market is!  Crazy!  I was in Foodie Heaven, I really am a food nerd, I get excited over aisles of produce.
My finds of the day, and it wasn't too pricey either.

And...tomorrow is the big day!  We will know the gender of our growing little one!  I am very excited, and I am excited that Kris will see his baby as he is going to the appt.  This pregnancy I've been flying solo (well, with Marin) to my OB appts, and Kris has only seen the ultrasound print-out, but this time, he can see his little one in action for the first time.  Final count on the Gender Poll:  8 for BOY and 6 for GIRL...let's see who who was right!  Let me know if you guessed it!  And...weight gain:  arrgh, 18 pounds for 20 weeks.  Blah.  I blame the salty food I ate last night, every nurse knows:  a KG gained is a liter retained. I'm hoping my due date will be pushed up a week, that way, I'm only 6 pounds over my target instead of 7,  *gulp*.  But, I went for a nice 1.25 mile run this morning with a 0.6 mile warm up/cool down, and I am hoping to put pilates on the menu tonight.

And...my new job!  I worked for the first time in 3 months yesterday.  And, how did it go?  Very well, I can happily report.  I can also say that home care is NOT my thing, but, it is something that will suit me well for the next 4 months at least while I finish up this pregnancy.  I tossed and turned Sunday night and woke up exhausted at 5am.  My drive was 50 minutes to the home (temporary) and I spent 11 hours caring for a 4 year old boy, giving medications, GT feeds, suctioning his trach, hooking him up to his vent while he napped, bathing him and trying to entertain myself and him in his room.  The ventilator, which is still intimidating, is not ultra frightening anymore, with time I will become more experienced and comfortable.  I also need to bring things to keep myself entertained, I was so bored!  But, a paycheck is a paycheck sometimes, and I hope we are on our way!

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