Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Night

So, after our appointment on Tuesday, Kris ad I decided to get out of the house for the evening. We went and saw Mama Mia, which I think I mentioned in my last post, and stayed at the Paris Hotel/Casino (my personal choice, I think I'm French at heart). We had some amazing crepes there last night. I know that some casino food can be kind of yuck and second rate, but these crepes were FANTASTIC! I'm not sure why I loved them so much, but they really were THAT good:) They were made with a traditional large flat metal plate and the batter was spread with a special flat "rake" like tool. I forget it's name, but I've seen it used before, it takes quite some time to master. I've gotta get me one of those things. . . I am such a food gadget junkie. I could shop for food gadgets all day. Men like hardware stores and big tool chests, Samantha likes Williams-Sonoma and big pantry's for her cooking stuff. I just love to cook!

But I digress, so we watched the show, ate these yummy crepes and went to bed, I don't have much stamina lately. This morning we woke up and had a yummy breakfast at one of the hotels restaurant's, stopped at the mall briefly and then came home. Kitty was glad to see us, she always is, she misses us when we're gone. If we're gone for more than a night or so, she stops eating and cleaning herself, so she looks petty sad by the time we come back :( poor thing! What a social cat though!

And, the best news of the day! My new vacuum cleaner came today! HURRAY!!! Our other one broke (after only 9 months mind you!) about 4 months ago, so I bought a cheapo little one called a shark or something just in the meantime. Well, that died last week, so Kris ordered one from Amazon, and it couldn't come soon enough for this nesting mama-to-be. I have been DYING to vacuum all week long. I've cleaned everything else, and have been waiting impatiently for this vacuum to arrive, and today it did! I vacuumed my little heart out, the carpets, the bare floors, the couches, the futon, the stairs, the carpets upstairs, between the washer and dryer, next to the fridge, by the oven. I'm quite satisfied now :)

Still no baby though :( every day I keep hoping, but to no avail. I do have quite the itchy belly though. Wouldn't be the first time, but now that baby is just hanging out in there packing on the pounds, my little belly is stretching away. I've given up putting on lotion for preventative purposes (stretch marks). I already have them everywhere, whats one more?! So I itch away to my little hearts content until it gets raw, or Kris catches me and makes me stop.

Once again, I'll post pics, when I figure it out:)

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