Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ticking time bomb

Well, as you may have already read in my profile, or wherever it is I wrote it, my husband Kris and I are about to have a baby. Like, ANY STINKIN' DAY! The pregnancy has been uneventful, the usual stuff though, puking for the first 13 weeks was about the hardest thing I had been through. Many a night (that was when it was the worst was bedtime) I would cry myself to sleep because I felt so blasted awful, sobbing to Kris that I just wanted to feel better. Poor guy couldn't do a single thing about it though. Just got me whatever I could eat at the time. What a sweet guy, I really love my husband:)
So anyway, the pregnancy has been pretty uneventful, the nausea went away (this is where choirs of angels join in harmonious melody), my little belly popped out, and kept popping out, and popped out some more. Luckily, if I do say so myself, I have the cutest preggo belly. I look like I swiped a medicine ball from the gym! I'll see if I can't get a pic up for you to see.
So now, I am 39 weeks and one day, which means baby is allowed to come whenever she wants to. And I don't think she wants to come out. At this point, I feel that I am going to be the only woman in the world who is going to be pregnant forever. My pregnancy will just continue on and on, I will grow to the size of my king size bed and have grown up conversations with my gown up child who is still living in my belly.
These last few days, are ridiculousy long and tedious. I'm not working anymore, not just because of the physical rigors I just can't handle, but being pregnant, I'm pretty stupid, especially since like, week 34. So, being the good nurse that I am, I decided that maybe being responsible for taking care of sick kids in the hospital wasn't the best choice for a metally-struggling-mom-to-be.
So, lt me just recap, We are about to have a baby, and we feel very blessed to have had a wonderful, ueventful pregnancy with a (so far) healthy baby on the way. And now, I am where so many other previously pregnant womn have found themselves right before delivery: feeling fat, swollen, bloated, stupid, unable to sleep, bored, hungry, at times sick, anxious, un-pretty and more than READY!
Kris and I have been doing everything possible, everything that we've heard of to get this baby out (I'll spare you the gruesome list, but if you're really curious, and you're not my parents, you can call me and I'll tell you). The nursery is pretty much done, minus the rocker (which we're waiting for), so that's good, again, I'll need to post a picture or two, very cute nursery too:)
I'm so glad this is almost done, I'm ready to be a mama, and not so preggo. I know all you veteran moms are thinking "Yeah, she doesn't know the half of it! She'll wish she could keep that baby inside once she realizes what it's REALLY like after they come out!". But, as a novice, I only wish to see beyond pregnancy and cuddle with my little girl, and watch daddy cuddle with her too:)

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