Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday's Blues

So, today is Tuesday, and for Kris and I, right now at least, Tuesday means a trp to the baby doctor. And today, for some reason has been paticularly rough for me :( not quite sure why!

Our appointment this morning was really very routine. Get there, sign in, pee in a cup, and wait. Then go stand on a scale and look the other way while I'm being weighed, I just can't bear to look! I know what it is, but just seeing the scale read as much as it does when I'M on it, gets me anxious. I know I have a good excuse for that weight, but still, it's unnerving! The Physician Assistant did our appointment today, which, I'm actually grateful for. She is SOOOO nice (not that the doctor isn't, he is, really), but I feel much less pressured to choose to induce labor. And let me explain abou that.

2 weeks ago, at 37 weeks for myself and baby, the doctor said, "Oh, it should be any day now!", so Kris and I have been jumping at every single thing, thinking that at any minute, I would sink ito the couch wih heavy contractions or at least have some very wet pants to warrant a trip to the hospital. Well, here we are, and no baby, 2 weeks later.

The doctor seemed very OK with inducing labor, which, this mama really doesn't want, just because I'm going natural and, well, the less drugs the better. Besides, I would feel like I was cheating myself out of the whole experience, it's just me, that's not the right choice for everyone, but it's the experience that I want.

Meeting with the PA today, she was very calm and reassuring saying that I'm not even to m due date yet (saturday) and I's already dialting and almost completely thinned out, so no worries, I am making progress, it's OK, we don't need to jump the gun.

Thank goodness for her today. Even still, I starting crying on the way home I was just so frustrated and tired of being preggo. I know I'm so close, and I think that's what makes it so hard.

My husband, being the wonderful man that he is, made some reservations for us to stay on the Strip tonight, just to get out of the house and break up the monotony, and to go see a show, Mama Mia! I'm excited. It will be fun, but about as much as I can handle, I'm not very resilient these days.

But all is still well, baby is healthy, I'm ready to pop at any minute, my husband is still alive and managing to keep his cool for the both of us. I'll keep trying to figure out how to get some blasted pictures up for everyone too!

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