Thursday, August 28, 2008

One night at a time. . .

As you can imagine, based on the title of this blog, we're a little tired:) Nothing that wasn't expected of course, we all hear other parents tell us (when we were still pregnant) how tired we were going to be. We heard, we understood, we're there, and still alive. Well, alive and very sleepy parents.

I have to remember though that whatever I eat, baby Marin eats too, and I had a hamburger yesterday, that I, in my infinite desie to be a great chef, poured lots of yummy seasonings into. Poor girl, I think last night her belly was just aching from all that spicy delicious-ness. I need to remember to tone it down a little for my baby girl, last night was pretty rough!

My parents came Tuesday afternoon, and yesterday we took a picinic lunch (with those spicy burgers) up to Mount Charleston to get out of the heat and see some open land. It was a lot of fun. I like to be away from the city, I'm really a country girl at heart, and being in the middle of nowhere makes me feel at home. So we had our late lunch and drove around to a few lookout points on the mountain. Wonderful outing! The air was so much cooler, I felt like I could breathe!

This is a picture of daddy snuggling his little girl at one of the lookout points. She did really well yesterday:)
Here is a picture of my dad (grandpa for baby) soaking in the moment. He is the epitome of a baby snatcher. Loves loves loves little ones, and as you can see, she's very content.
Daddy making faces at his baby girl, she is very intently studying his face!

Here's Marin! Such a good picture of her with her eyes open, just looking around. She is such a beautiful baby. I know I'm the parent, and every parent thinks their baby is beautiful, but she really is a pretty baby.

Kris was holding her up against his knees, all propped up, she has her hat on, looking like a little elf, so stinkin cute! I think this is right before she peed on the bed. She's done that twice now, the little stinker! That's ok, we still want to keep her.

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Scooter & Emi said...

I'm so in love with that little girl! I wish I could be there. :( Although... I know her grandpa, the baby stealer, wouldn't let me have my turn at baby stealing. :) I LOVE having pictures for our files.

Tell Nana and Grandpa that there are new kid videos up on the blog. :) xoxoxoxoxo!