Sunday, August 24, 2008

Embracing our Life

Today is Sunday and all three of us have been ,oving being at home as a family. Life has never been sweeter. I have always wanted to be a mama, and it's been a bit surreal these past few days. I can't believe when I look at my little girl that she's mine and I gave life to her, and pushed her out of me! She is doing well, and wants to be nursed quite a bit, but it's wonderful because we both get to practice:)

Kris has loved every second of being a dad. Maybe it's because he doesn't need to get up at night with her yet (I haven't started pumping). No worries though, he'll start getting up with her soon enough. Kris does so well with Marin, changing her and burping her and just staring at her in awe. It's really wonderful to see your husband become a father, I have never been so attracted to Kris as when he is loving my baby girl.

We had Kris's mother and sister and brother in law come down late Tuesday night, so they were here to send us off to the hospital and take care of us, clean our house and make us food, and of course, snuggle with our baby :) They had to leave today, which was sad, but they have lives to get back to as well.

Speaking of going to the hospital, I think I had written that I was scheduled for an induction on Thursday morning at 0430. Well, as stubborn as our little girl has been in coming, she decided that's not how she wanted things to work. Kris and I went to bed at 9:30 that night, with the intent to getting up at 0300 in the morning to be at the hospital at 0430. I gave Kris a benadryl so he could sleep and we went to bed. Then at 10:15 my water broke! Surprise! I told Kris I thought we needed to go the hospital a little earlier, and off we went! I felt so bad having drugged my husband, because he was up all night with me of course, and he was sooo tired after I delivered, and we all napped for quite a while.

My parents are coming out on Tuesday, which will be nice. They were out at almost the same time last year for our sealing! I think they are also looking forward to some snuggle time with their new granddaughter.

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