Monday, August 25, 2008

First day out!

Here are some more pictures from the hospital. Our brother in law Sam took them for us, so it's nice to have more pics to share.

Here is a sideways close-up of our sweet baby girl, just a few hours old:)

Almost everyone has their hand on the new little one. She's wearing one of my favorite outfits, it's a terry cloth like texture and it has little footies (babies are so cute in footie pajama's!) and some little sheep across the front, just adorable!

Daddy getting to know his new little girl. I'm still in a state of shock. I really pushed her out of me?!
A pic of Kris, his sister Melodie holding Marin and Kris's mom Trine, a very happy brand new grandma:)

Kris's sister Melodie cuddling with Marin.

So today was our first trek out of the house (not including the one coming home from the hospital). We went to the grocery store just down the road, we were running pretty low on fresh groceries. Mama needed to have the carseat readjusted first though:), and make sure it wasn't too windy outside!
Our drive was good, I had to keep checking to make sure the sun wasn't in her little eyeballs though. And the journey through the store went well, she slept the whole time! I still get nervous though for first time anythings. I guess it goes with the territory of being a new mom.
My parents come tomorrow. I'm excited to see some family, and I know they are excited to cuddle with their new granddaugter. Our baby blessing is going to be on Sunday too, I think we may have quite a few people coming, which is great.
I really need to post pictures of my strawberry jam! It tastes delicious too! I'm very proud of myself:)

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Tabitha said...

Okay--all this gushy stuff ... you're making me baby hungry! I'm not wholly ready yet though. Want a little more time! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to meet Marin!!