Friday, August 15, 2008

something to do

One more day of nothing to do! You know, I used to just be so happy for my days off (when I was working, that is) and now, I am so blasted bored. I sit around the house and putter around. Doing dishes or laundry, vacuuming (if I'm lucky, not sure why like it so much!), playing wth the cat, and waiting for baby to come.

I know I've mentioned it before, but I honestly feel like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to explode. I really don't have energy to go anywhere, or the mental capactiy either (that blasted "pregnancy brain", I used to be smart, honestly!). I'm just waiting to start having contractions or make a big wet mess somewhere and have to call Kris and tell him to come get me so we can have a baby. No such luck though. I'm reconciled to the fact that I will be forever pregnant.

Enough of the self pity! My visiting teachers came this morning, so that was nice, to be able to socialize with someone other than my husband. Although I do love hanging out with him, everone needs some other social stimulation.

Well, let me see if I can find some fun pictures to post. This one is of Kris and I the first time we met, back in February 2006, taken at a friends house.

This one was taken at our first apartment in New York. Kris had curled up to take a nap, and Sadie crawled in next to him to keep warm, it was so cute. It's a habit she still keeps. She will crawl underneath the sheets in bed in between his legs and sleep there. He's pretty toasty when he sleeps, as I'm sure most husbands are:)

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