Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miss Magoo

"Well Samantha," said the optometrist, " appears as though you have a Miss Magoo on your hands!". 

Monday was a big day for Marin, she had her very first visit to the Optometrist!  We have been concerned about her vision for a few months now, and when we finally had people from nursery ask if she needed glasses, we knew it was time for a visit.  She was a very big girl and let the Doctor look at her eyes with her special instruments, which took about 20 minutes!

And, the conclusion?  Our poor little Marin is extremely near sighted!  Here are some of the questions the Doctor made to me:
*Does she feel her way around the house?
*Does she trip or walk into things a lot?
*Was she a preemie? (I was asked this twice)
*Any problems during gestation or delivery?
*Any trauma to her eyes at any point?
*Do you or your husband have nearsightedness?
*How old is your son?  Have you noticed any vision issues with him?

And a few of her comments to explain Marin's vision:
*Her eye itself is healthy it's just the vision that needs attention.
*Her vision isn't able to develop normally because her vision is so poor (I know it sounds strange).
*It's really great that you caught this so early, she really needs glasses!
*You are going to think I'm crazy when you see how thick her glasses will need to be (Que lump in throat), but you can opt for the special polymer blend which is much thinner (Que sigh of relief!). 
*I won't give her glasses that will be the full strength that she needs, just so I can see if there is any improvement in 6 weeks.

I make it sound as though we had a terribly insensitive Doctor, she was really wonderful and very nice, but she was so shocked that Marin's eyesight was so poor, she almost couldn't believe it!  So, today was the big day...the glasses were ready for pickup today!  

Here she is!

The optician recommended that when we get home I turn on a movie for her and have her sit on the couch, or further away than she usually stands to the TV so she could get a feel for what it was like to see and get used to the feeling on her face.  Even just walking out of the office was an adventure for her, she literally had to hold my hand as she looked at the ground because everything was so in focus and new, she thought she was going to trip!  I hope we won't have issues with her not wanting to wear them, but I think because her vision is so poor, she will be happy to wear them so she can see!


Kamy said...

I think you will find that she will take to them a lot quicker than you think. That's what happened with Cade's hearing aids. It doesn't take very long for them to realize how much they help, it just takes a them a little while to adjust to their new world.

Tabitha said...

I remember my first time wearing glasses. What a difference! Next time you should check out zenni optical (online). Ben and I both bought prescription sunglasses there. Cheap cheap cheap. They also sell glasses of course, but we bought our last pairs of glasses before we heard about them.

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

She looks adorable in those glasses. She's a little smarty pants now!! :)


ZiggyandFamily said...

She's adorable and beautiful like her mommy!!

Laura Bayles said...

Reminds my of our Cori. She was sooo near sighted that she would run into things all the time. She knocked out her 2 front teeth, she had stitches twice, she ran full force straight into the pole dividing the doorway in the cultural hall at the church! She thought her Uncle Joe was her grandpa Lyman. Finally at age 3, I wondered if she needed glasses?? Sure enough - blind as a bat! Once we finally got the glasses on her (after a huge battle at the Dr. office) - she never took them off! I thought she was sooo cute with her big eyes (from the thick lenses) and cute blond pigtails and missing front teeth! Good luck. I bet marin will love her glasses.