Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Kristoffer (Part 2)

And then there was an adventurous young fellow, steering clear of prolific and vain Utah girls (comprising of those he dated) and preferring to spend his winter days on the slopes and his summer days belaying on the rocks.  Wishing for another trip to Europe and an escape from ditzy and useless girls...

Here is my wonderful man, Kristoffer.  This picture was taken in...hmmm, 2004?  Kris is in...uhhhh, Africa?  His E-Harmony picture was one of his European trip pictures, and similar to this one, only he had this thumbs looped around his backpack straps, and at first glance, it looked as though he had no arms below the elbow.  I'm laughing now thinking of  the reaction my dad and I had to that picture:  "Where's his arms?!".  Oh dear, such funny memories.

 My Kristoffer out on the dock before we got married.  We had such a fun day!  I played called in "sick" and skipped work that day and we drove up the St. Lawrence river and just walked around and ate lunch together and talked and laughed, it was fantastic!

 I'm not sure where we were headed in this picture, somewhere to lay out in the sun I think, because somewhere I have a picture of Kris in this exact position on the same day, driving the car and he is completely red and sun-burnt. 
 Awww, Kristoffer when I took him for his birthday lunch cruise.  LOVE his sparkly ice blue Norwegian eyes ;)
 A little day trip to Palmyra.  We had a little photo-shoot on the temple grounds, so gorgeous!
 And, Kristoffer just wouldn't be complete without a nod to his best friend, BJ.  BJ is an awesome friend, we love him.  He was the best man in our wedding.  Here, they sit on our Futon in our little one bedroom apartment in Cortland, NY.  We had no AC so it would get a little toasty, fortunately, we were on the first floor.
 Shhh, don't tell Kris I put this picture in here!  Kristoffer is a TERRIBLE dancer, it's ok, he knows it, he claims it, he avoids ALL dancing and ALL costs.  So, being the wonderful best friend that he is, BJ walked Kris through a few dances foe me before our wedding.  Such a good friend ;)
 Kristoffer and BJ took an overnight trip up to Niagara Falls for their bachelor/night/party.

So, what did Kristoffer do before marriage, and kids?  Ski every day in the winter, rock climb during the summer, buy 50 dollars worth of 5 dollar movies at Wal Mart, eat Red Vines, install car audio systems, plan future business strategies, move to a new house every 6 months, eat spaghetti with red sauce at least 3 times a week, go see movies....lots of movies, dream of moving to Norway and marrying a Norwegian girl, roller blade, and garden...just kidding, Kris doesn't garden, bet that last one really threw you, eh?

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