Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Smiles

Marin's Easter morning was filled with lots of fun things, thanks to the Easter Bunny and some generous family members.  She was a little unsure about the fact that she was supposed to be excited about her new Easter dress, but once she saw the candy and toys, she was sold.

Marin on her Easter egg hunt.  We used the plastic eggs and put little pieces of candy inside (as we try and meld our traditions together to make our own) and Marin would shake each egg after she found it to make sure it was a 'good' egg.  Daddy thought it would be funny to stuff a couple of the eggs with plastic grass, but Marin was no fool.  She shook the egg and said, "That's not a good one", and put it right back where she found it...for it clearly did not belong in her precious basket with the 'good' eggs.
Look at that cute little dress!  Bestemor sent this dress for Marin and it is just LOVELY!  We had a hard time getting pictures of her IN it, as you will see later.

More hunting!

I just LOVE this shot, totally Marin, bright eyed and waiting expectantly with wonder and awe.  So cute!

Kris had to be fast with the camera, Marin was on a mission!  This one shows you how fast she was moving, it's kind of a neat shot.
 And our little guy on Easter.  He is much too young of course for candy, but he certainly looked dashing in his Sunday outfit.  And can you see that hairline?!  Phew!  His hair is really coming in!  What a difference between my children!  Marin went completely bald at 4 months before her's started to come in at 5 months, and Owens started growing in about 2 weeks ago.  It's really filling in!
 Marin in her Easter dress!

 Seriously, the only full body shot that wasn't completely blurry, she just wouldn't hold still!
 Like I said.... ;)

 We thank our wonderful family for all the Easter gifts, we truly wish we lived closer to everyone to share in the joy of the holidays.  I am so grateful for this wonderful technology that allows me to share our family moments with you all.  Having a blog has been a fantastic way to keep in touch with you all, and some great friends!

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