Monday, April 25, 2011

Lost and Found, or rather, Foolish and Humbled

We had lost Marin's glasses.  Super.  Sometime on Saturday between Wal-Mart and home, they had disappeared, and Kristoffer and I were feeling sick to our stomachs, and we hadn't even had any Easter candy yet.  What a fantastic way to start out our Easter morning, somber and grievously frustrated.  In order to have a new pair covered by insurance, we at least needed to find them, however smashed and broken they may be.  Insurance and warranty's don't cover 'loss'.  "Just incredible.", I thought to myself as I sat on the coffee table.  "First, a $200 car repair to kick off the weekend and now this....Lord, please help us find these glasses."  I silently prayed.  Kris and I kept talking over where they might be and we concluded that since they weren't in the car or her car seat, she must have dropped them in the Wal-Mart parking lot.  We hoped more than expected that to be the case, in our house, it's always the worst case scenario.  Through all of this self pity and frustration, I kept thinking that perhaps they had fallen into the Carl's Jr. bag I had thrown out the night before.  Marin, in her tantrum-meltdown from no-nap said she was hungry, so since we were far from home, we concluded a single small hamburger from Carl's Jr. wouldn't kill her.  I had picked the onions off and set the bag on the floor underneath her carseat.  She then promptly fell asleep.  "No," I thought, "...there's no way her glasses would be in that bag.  She fell asleep with her glasses ON.".  And again I thought, "Maybe I should have Kris go out and check the garbage can to see if they're in that, they are most certainly NOT in that bag.".  Kristoffer decided to drive to Wal-Mart in hopes of finding the glasses, so he left, and 5 minutes later, came into the house, glasses in hand.  Relief swept over my entire body.  "Where did you find them?!"  I asked incredulously.  His reply?  "In the Carl's Jr. bag in the garbage.".  My eyes widened, "How did you think to look there?" I asked.  "I sat in my car," he said "...and smelled those onions from yesterday, and I knew they must have fallen into that bag, so I checked the garbage.".

And there you have it.  My Easter morning lesson on listening to the promptings of the Spirit.  Who am I to ignore what the Spirit is trying to tell me?!  The only word that describes how I felt is Foolish.  I felt decidedly Foolish.  Here the Lord was....trying to tell me where my daughters glasses were and save us the grief, frustration and cash, as I sit there and say "No, Lord, clearly you're wrong!".  Foolish indeed, and humbled.  It's a good thing He didn't give up on me and decided to go and prompt someone else who might listen, my husband! I work so hard to save money in our family, and this was the biggest test of all and I failed!  I have learned my lesson and have been adequately humbled by this experience.  Next time around I listen more closely.....and we check the ANYTHING that goes in the garbage!


Tabitha said...

I have SO done that. Thank goodness the Lord doesn't just give up on us!

David & Linda said...

Your sister is so right! Don't you love the lessons He teaches us though? Cute story Samantha :) And Miss Marin looks SOOO cute in her glasses!