Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bumbo Boy

A friend of mine lent me her Bumbo, and today we put Owen in it for the first time and had a little photo-shoot.  If you're not sure what exactly a Bumbo is, it's a special, bottom heavy infant seat with high sides that's designed to help your infant sit up by themselves.  We had some good laughs with it this afternoon.

So, we start at the beginning:

Owen is not particularly happy at first, look at that sad little face, poor buddy!
 Grrrrr, mom, why am I in here?  Haven't I been a good boy?
 A little hand sucking to self soothe.
 Alright, it may not be THAT bad....
 Awwww, THERE'S my happy little man, what a sweet smile!
 And a smile for daddy too!
 Look, just LOOK at my handsome face!  Don't I look like an Owens baby?
I'm almost tempted to buy a Bumbo now, but we'll have this one for a few months until he starts sitting up on his own.  Oh, I almost forgot...Our cute little man weighed in at 12 pounds on the money the other day at 7 weeks!  He is just getting so BIG!  I almost think he would weigh more if he wasn't such a spitter.  Blech, I am NOT a fan of the spit-up's.  But Owen is such a good baby, if that's all I have to worry about, I'm a happy mama.


Tabitha said...

I still can't believe you have 2 kids! I can't wait to meet baby Owen. As an aside, if you can find any baby consignment stores, they might have a cheap bumbo. The store we have out here has about a million bumbos and they are cheap.

David & Linda said...

What a cute little boy! My goodness! His eyes are so BLUE. :)