Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Can I really believe it's a new year already?!  I KNOW!!!  I have all of my pictures organized in the computer under year and month, and starting from 2005, we are already to 2011, which, I realize seems a very short period of time, but to me it is positively FLYING by, incredible!  We had a fabulous year in 2010 as Kris and I were doing a recap the other night.  We had our amazing trip to Europe for my 26th birthday, we flew to Portland for a visit, Kris graduated with his MBA, found our we were expecting our little guy, we moved to Portland (and everything that goes with it), celebrated Kris's 30th b-day, Marin's 2nd b-day and our 4th anniversary, started a new job and have barely had time for all the little stuff in between, phew!  What a ride, but we have had laughs and tears and fun and misery, and wouldn't change it for the world.

So, how exactly did the Lyman family ring in the New Year?  Marin started with a little light reading...she loves looking through the Bed, Bath and Beyond magazines that come in the mail.  We actually save them for her so she can look through them, it's really so cute to watch her sit on the floor pages.

 Then we had some ice cream, Marin was thrilled of course!
 And some cupcakes...yeah, I didn't have the motivation to make any, so these sufficed ;)
 Oh, our Cookies N Cream ice cream.
 Then we all played Hungry Hungry Hippo's.  Santa brought this game for Marin for Christmas and we finally busted it out just for New Years the other night.  Marin had a BLAST, she requests daily to play the hippo game.
 Of course Marin always won...haha!  Oh, and if you see the black and white fabric on the back of the sofa, those are my new drapes that I made with the sewing machine my mummy and daddy bought me for Christmas!!  It's been a challenge to learn with an intimidating machine, but fun nonetheless!
 And this is how Kris and I celebrated after Marin went to bed.  Two very full glasses of Martinelli's, a fire and a movie (not pictured), I laughed when I realized there was a kids tent in the picture, haha, story of our lives!  The tent was another of Marin's gifts.

While we may not have partied it up NYC style, we celebrated what was most important in life, our wonderful little family.  We are very excited for what this new year holds also.  Of course our little guy is coming in February, but we are also hoping Kris will find a new job to keep him motivated and challenged, and in August, we celebrate 5 years of marriage (!!!), crazy!!!  And we hope many other wonderful things will be in store for us.  As for me, my wonderful hubby bought me an incredible Christmas present, a Julia Child French cooking class and it starts next Thursday!  I am so excited!  It's every Thursday for three weeks, 2 1/2 hours each class, so it runs through to the end of January, I hope this baby waits that long to come! 

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