Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bowling it Down

Third time's a charm apparently!  We attempted to go bowling twice before we finally succeeded the other night, and good thing too.  Marin was almost upset when we told her we were going bowling (for the third time)...she didn't want to be disappointed again!  We had so much fun, but I think we'll pare it down to just one game next time...Marin had lost interest and I had irritated my sciatic nerve, so it was a lousy second game.  Not that I'm a very good bowler anyway, but enough to impress my husband...I'm not sure if that's something to be proud of...*cough cough*.

They had special ramps for the little one's to use, you set the ball on top and push it down, of course Marin had bumpers, it was just so cute ;)

 Watch the ball, Marin! 
 Knocking down the pins!
 Whoa, where did my ball go?!  Marin was fascinated that her ball disappeared at the end and came back up the ball 'drop' (?).  It was hard to keep her head out of there!
 Playing with the vents on the side.
 And wouldn't you know, our little Marin monkey scored herself a STRIKE!!!  Good job little girl!  At a whopping 2.4 miles an hour too, now THAT'S impressive, haha!
It was a good opportunity to teach Marin about taking turns and being patient, she had a hard time waiting for her turn, as most 2 year old's would, I'm sure.

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