Friday, January 21, 2011

Pregnancy, Painting and Progress!

(Trumpets blaring) *Dhoo, dhoo, dhoooooooo!!!*  Guess who's FULL TERM today!  That's right, 37 weeks today baby, oh yeah!  This means that baby can come anytime he wants.  Of course, I still have 3 weeks until my due date, but due dates can be pretty meaningless anyway, as they usually are. is a belly update at 37 weeks, and it's accompanying swelling, my poor face :(  And...*sigh*, 48 pounds.  I know I know.  I honestly have no idea why it's soooo blasted much!

 AND......I can scarce contain my KITCHEN TABLE!!!  What an ordeal it has been!  I had finished the painting and black stripe, and Kris put the polyurethane on for me the weekend it was sooo cold here.  This little fact made the poly bubble and crack and turn yellow, so my poor hubby sanded everything down and started over again.  Poor fellow.  He did an even better job than I did, I think.  It looks GREAT and I am so happy to have my kitchen table back.
 And, my drapes!  They used to be my favorite tablecloth, but now, here they are, hanging and lovely!
 Over the kitchen sink.
 My kitchen shelves.  We bought this scrap wood at Home Depot and I painted and hung them, and finally put some pretty things on them, I LOVE the pink flowers!
 All together now!  I'm planning on framing some small poster we bought in Paris and hanging them on the adjacent wall to the left of the shelves.  I think my kitchen is looking DYNAMITE considering what we had to work with.  Just in time for all of the family we have coming very soon.

On the menu today, a doctors appt for myself, we'll see if my body has made any progress with these Braxton Hicks, eh?


Tabitha said...

That table looks awesome! You guys did a fantastic job. I love the drapes too. Way to go! I bet you are enjoying your new sewing machine :)

Valerie said...

It's all so beautiful! Best of luck with an easy and fast labor!