Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The day's since Christmas have been so nice, I feel an overwhelming sense of relief...and new urgency, if that makes any bit of sense.  Christmas is a lovely time of year, but I was very happy to move on and start getting my home ready for this baby.  Today I will try and put some decorations away, perhaps a little more prematurely than most years, but this year I have other pending priorities!  

The other day Kris bought a ladder with some of his Christmas money and hauled down the baby gear from our impressive and very high shelving in the garage.  Last night I pulled one of the bins inside to sort through the contents, what nostalgia!  I cleaned the car seat and am washing all of the fabric covers to the swing and bouncy chair and said car seat.  I had a small panic session with myself yesterday (you can laugh) about not having any blankets for baby boy, so I went to the store and jumped on some good sales and bought some blankets...and burp rags and PJ's...they were on SALE, what was I supposed to do, say no?!  So now those are washed and dried and waiting in the closet.  I am feeling a little less panicked as I am able to do little things each day to ready myself and our home for the baby, I guess the intensity of my nesting urges stems largely from having a 2 year old, which, A) makes the pregnancy go by SO FAST!, and B) makes organizing and rearranging and nesting so blasted difficult!  It's taking me three times as long!  Oh, and C) makes mommy so incredibly tired that Marin's naptime usually means mommy's naptime instead of useful nesting time.

In somewhat related news, I am almost positive this baby has dropped already.  I awoke the other day with enormous pressure and swelling in my pelvis (and right arm, I think I slept on it), and am able to breathe a bit easier, and have noticed that his little bum is quite a bit lower than where it usually is.  I didn't think anything of it, thinking it was too soon, until Kris mentioned it the other night.  It does make sense, however early it may be.  I perused the internet looking for similar mama's who had the same 'early' experience and find them I did!  Of course, it still doesn't mean anything about when the little guy will make his grand entrance, but progress is progress! 

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