Friday, January 28, 2011

38 Weeks and Waiting

You will all have to wait for pictures, our charger for our other laptop is broken and I do all of my pictures on that computer, we all wait!
I wish I had extraordinarily exciting news to share, but it has been so routine and mundane around here, I myself am almost bored out of my skull, haha!  So, here are a few minor updates to tide you over until I have pictures or some other exciting news to share:

*Marin is slowly progressing with potty training.  I've just resorted to doing as much as I can when I have the opportunity on my days off.  She will wear just her pants and can go most of the day without an accident!  All of her poo poo's make it in the potty, but we are working on the pee pee.  I can't, however, put underwear on her and have her stay dry, she still thinks she has a diaper on.  But she always goes #2 on the potty, which is progress!

*I have one more week of work, next Monday and Wednesday and then it's maternity leave!  Crazy, we'll see if I make it that long though, eh?

*38 week checkup today: 1-2 cm dilated, soft, moving anterior, 50% effaced, head down.  Sorry if it's too much info, I tried to keep the description as....non descriptive as possible.

*Having lot's of Braxton-Hicks, but keeping myself very "Zen" about any progress.  After all, with Marin, I walked around for 3 weeks at 3cm and she was still 5 days I am trying hard not to anticipate ANYTHING!

*Had my baby shower on Tuesday thanks to some wonderful friends.  I received baby clothes and burp clothes and blankets and shoes...all of the things I was hoping to get, plus a wonderful time out with happy smiling faces.  I am very lucky to have some wonderful, caring people around me!

*And, as a side note, I have an incredible husband.  I love him so much.  I was thinking the other morning, as I stared at my very swollen, just woke-up, very disheveled self in the mirror, how much my hubby loves me.  He is always telling me how beautiful I am and how lucky he is to be married to such a wonderful, sweet, thoughtful, caring wife.  I realized, in my self-disgust moment that morning in front of the mirror, that he has always made me feel like a 10 Cow Wife...if you have no idea what I am talking about:  Johnny Lingo.  Watch it, Love it, Cherish it.  The world has a terrible way of empowering women to feel awful about themselves.  They tell you that true beauty can be attained through simple makeup techniques and how to wear the most flattering style clothing for your body type, while they contnue to advertise women who have sat in the makeup chair for hours and wear little to NO clothing...such hippocrites!  My husband from before we married has laways treated me with such respect and reverie, that I have always felt like the most valuable woman on the face of this planet.  I am a very lucky woman indeed to have found GOOD MAN, who honors his role as husband and father and supports and encourages me to embrace my role as wife and mother.  No makeup technique or boot-cut jean could ever make me feel the way he does. 


Valerie said...

Best of luck for the last few days!!!

And I'm so glad you shared about your husband. I hope he reads it. I have met several shallow men lately have started wondering if there are really men out there who can love a woman exactly as she is (of course, you are beautiful anyway, so not so hard for your hubby) so it's good to hear there are a few out there. Hopefully there are a few that aren't married somewhere too. :)

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, baby will be here before you know it!! Congratulations! I'll say a prayer for a safe and healthy baby and mommy!!