Saturday, February 5, 2011


Two weeks ago I went grocery shopping.  I had a specific list of things I needed to get and I always shop at the same grocery store that has the best prices: Winco.  I spent $75 and when I got home and emptied my grocery bags onto the kitchen counter, I was dismayed!  Where had all of my money gone?  And where were all of the groceries?!  I felt jipped!  Even my favorite bargain grocery store had succumbed to the recent price hikes and I was heartbroken!  Considering how hard my husband and myself work for our money, I was resolved to work even harder to get more for our money in respect to groceries.  
So...I read all about extreme coupon-ing and completely overwhelmed my very fragile and foggy pregnant-brain.  Kristoffer and I talked a lot about strategies and methods and simplifying things etc., and yesterday I had my first adventures in the world of TRUE bargain shopping.  I started with two stores last night and went with my small handful of coupons and a list of the sale prices, and I came home with an incredible amount of food for $100.  I am SO PLEASED with myself and my good luck, I just HAVE to share!!!  Can you tell I'm really excited about this?!  
Albertson's and Safeway:
-2 bottles of Heinz Ketchup
-2 boxes Kix cereal
-2 bottle cranberry juice
-2 bottles Hidden Valley ranch dressing
-2 pkgs flour tortillas
-32 oz brick cheddar cheese
-1 small tub sour cream
-5 pkgs Oscar Meyer hot dogs
-4 Hillshire Farms kielbasa (the ones shaped like a horseshoe)
-6 kiwi fruit
-2 pkgs cherry tomatoes
-2 bags Tostito's chips
-2 bottles tostito's salsa
-2 pkgs (4 pack) Ritz crackers
-2, 2L 7up
-2 boxes Orville popcorn
-8 cups Dannon yogurt
-2 ANGUS RUMPS ROASTS!!! (they were BOGO free!)
-2 pkgs Jennie-O ground turkey
-2 pkgs Hillshire Farm sliced deli meat
-2 pounds red grapes
-4 avacado's
-1 bottle apple juice

And, my final price for ALL of this stuff?  $104.  I KNOW!!!!  Considering how much meat I brought home, I am VERY pleased with this amount.  I mean, the kielbasa, the rump roasts, the ground turkey, the deli meat were ALL BOGO free!  The hot dogs were a dollar each with a coupon.  I can't tell you how excited I was to be able to stock my freezer and my pantry shelves last night. total amount SAVED?  $105.  Granted, you have to be careful with what the original store price is in the first place, but my pantry and freezer don't lie for the amount of money I spent.  It makes me happy to know I can do a little more to keep my family fed for less money.  So, if you are looking to save some money, check out the local store flyers, even if you don't usually shop there, and write down a detailed list of what's on sale that you're family eats/uses, clip any coupons you can, then go online to find printable coupons.  My sister gave me a great link:  .  This website has some great resources and ways to find deals and coupons.  Start slow, come out on top!


Scotty & Emily said...


That wasn't Emily, it was me. I could NOT get the swing of couponning!!! I'm so happy that you can, though!! Maybe one of these days your good tricks will rub off on me. :)

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