Sunday, November 21, 2010

Climb and Sand

Such a weekend jumble of activities to share, where do I even begin?  Saturday was a wonderful day for some home projects, so that's what we did.  We set out to find a color for our downstairs walls (again), and found the perfect one.  The color we selected before was perfect as we admired it in the Home Depot under fluorescent lighting, but when we got the paint on the walls under our regular YELLOW lighting, it bad.  Kris thought it looked liked the inside of Mexican's house, it was pretty yellow. So, we found a toned down, but still happy color for our walls.  We spent a good hour and a half at Home Depot purchasing paint and sandpaper and brackets and scrap wood, Kris was in heaven ;)

We did take Marin on a fun outing around dinnertime, a place called Out of This World Pizza and Play.  $5 get's you a children's admission (no charge for adults) and they can play all day!  I wasn't as impressed as I was hoping, but Marin and daddy had a blast for 2 hours, it was perfect.  We didn't eat there, considering a pizza was $17!  I know!  That's how they make their money though, right?  I have one picture of Marin climbing up the loops to the slide in the bouncy house, I wish I had more, but Marin was struggling initially with climbing the loops, and other larger children were stepping all over her, so mama bear was having a hard time!  She climbed up a few times with daddy's help and then she was solo, she did great :)

My project.  Our kitchen table the I am going to sand, repaint white and detail with some black borders.  I think it will look pretty good!  I have no patience for sanding however, last night I sat down and sanded that right corner for 20 minutes, and it was like I hadn't done anything!  This means I need a power tool!  My friend has belt sander I am hoping I can borrow ;)

It's about that time post a belly pic!  You know, I really don't realize how big I am until I see myself in a picture!  This is mama and baby at 28 weeks, and I am wearing my most unflattering sweatpants, blech...but, they are comfy, so I wear them. 

 And, I made some super yummy muffins the other day, what I am deeming:  Overnight applesauce muffins, I will post a recipe to the blog, but this is a wonderful way to get your kids snacking on something healthy and filling, click HERE for the recipe.

These past 2 weeks, Marin has been so articulate with her words.  Her sentence structures are becoming so pronounced and blows me away!  She is using "I" and "you" and "it", all those conjunction words, such a big girl!  We are giving potty training another go...this time with reinforcements.  I broke down and bought Pull-ups and M&M's.  Now, we don't have a big crisis when she goes in her panties, and she has incentive to go in the potty as she receives an M&M if she does.  One step at a time.

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David & Linda said...

You look great Samantha! I can't wait for your little boy to come! :)