Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date

Last Wednesday evening, my amazing hubby took Marin out on a date.  I LOVE that!  And where, might you ask, did they go?  Ice skating!!  I was a little hesitant with Marin being so young, but Kris seemed set on it, so ice skating they went.  They actually went to the rink about a half a mile from where I work, but, since this was a only for daddy and Marin, mommy went home for an evening (or a few hours) of quiet.  
Marin was still a bit young for ice skating, Kris ended up pushing her around the rink about 6 times before his back complained loud enough, but they had hot dogs together and so much fun!  I am married to the most amazing guy, I just love him so much.  Marin may not remember ice skating with daddy, but she will never forget that he took her :)

And, of course, we can't leave out our Thanksgiving weekend!  We drove up to Kristoffer's aunt's home in Vancouver and spent the day with her family and watched a movie.  Marin had a blast playing with her kids, she LOVES those kids!  The next day we invited them down to have their kids play at the indoor Out of This World play-place for a few hours, so Marin was just in heaven.  Saturday was a quiet trip to Wal Mart and Kris and I left Marin with a sitter for a few hours to grab some dinner and pick out paint swatches for the kitchen.  It was wonderful to have Kris home all weekend, I am such a greedy wife I've learned ;)

I can SOOOO tell that I am heading into the final stages of pregnancy.  And it's not the back aches or the increasingly hard time sleeping, or the big strong baby kicking me...it's all the projects I want to do!  I am literally laughing at myself thinking about all the projects I'm listing off in my head!  Here's a little sample:

*Paint kitchen (we have 2 samples we are choosing between).
*Make my own removable stove backsplash.
*Finish kitchen table (sanding is done, and yes, I did the sanding!)
*Build my own entry way table (so far I have the 4 legs purchased...it was scrap wood on sale at HD for 50 cents a piece, how could I say no?)
*Cut and paint small shelves for around the house (we have spare particle-board and 3 pieces of real wood, I just need to cut, sand and paint them...).
*Install extra closet shelving into the Master and Marin's closet. 
*Re-frame a large mirror I have sitting around that weighs a TON!
*Measure and cut apart my old tablecloth for some drapes.

And this is all that's coming to mind for the moment, I'm sure I could think of more.  Oh dear, can someone say Nesting Much?!  Well, I have 10 weeks and some change get that list done, and today I was able to sand our kitchen table!  That makes me really happy.  I had tried sanding by hand with not much success, so my friend lent me her belt sander.  WOW!  Where has that thing been my whole life?!  I was able to finish the entire top of the table in less than an hour, incredible!  I would paint today, but I have so much to do today and it will just have to wait until Friday.  I can't wait to post before, during and after pics!

Today is a day for laundry and dishes and making cookies for YW tonight and dinner ( I thought we would try a broccoli alfredo baked potato bar with chicken?) and playing with my little girl.  That will fill the hours! 

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