Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who Loves to Craft?

Marin is to the point where she wants to 'make something', as she say's daily.  So...after realizing she is bored with the same old stuff, I bit the bullet and bullet and bought a few crafting items for her at Wal-Mart...some plastic string (you know, for those key-chain boon-doggle things?), some toddler scissors and some pipe-cleaners.  I was going to buy beads, but then I realized...I could make my own!  I took some Ditalini pasta (short, tiny tubes), and soaked them in colored water for a few hours, then dried them out on parchement paper in the oven on low for an hour.  Perfect!  So, she made a bracelet...

Such good parctice for a little one's fine motor skills.  I needed to help her from time to time, but she loved every minute of crafting!

A few day's later she crafted with her friend, Eden.  She loves playing with Eden, who is almost 4.

And I had the chance to finish up the Reliefe Society crafts I had signed up for never got done a few Saturday's ago. 

I made a few hair clips for Marin, aren't they cute?!  She actually likes to wear them, I put them in her hair and she say's "Look, mama, soooo pretty!".

I am so happy to have a few fun decorations for my home, they make it seem so much more...homey!

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