Friday, December 3, 2010


I am coming to the realization (slowly), that apparently, I'm pregnant!  Seriously, you think I would have figured it out by now?  I say this only because I have a SuperWoman complex...I daily have to fight the compulsion to be and act just like SuperWoman.  I think yesterday I sat down for a grand total for one hour (during quiet time), and amidst watching my own child and two others and making bagels and tortillas and lunch and snacks and dinner and refereeing and cleaning etc., I forgot I was almost 8 months pregnant.  I paid for it last night.  Kris came home and my body just fell apart.  I had to force myself to go grocery shopping while he put Marin to bed and it was not a pretty sight.  Both my sciatic nerves were twitching, my pelvic bone was ready to crack like an egg (great visual, I know) and my lower back was throbbing.  I was hunched over my shopping cart  like an old lady gingerly walking on my slightly swollen feet.  What a sight I must have been!  Especially with no make-up and a bun in my hair, oh my!!  Kris was such a sweet man and carried the groceries inside for me and made me sit down and direct him while he put the groceries away, then he dutifully put oil in my car, pressed my hips (it feels so good!) and tucked me in bed with a back-rub, making me promise to take it easy today.  Have I mentioned I love my husband?  

Today I am trying to fulfill my promise to take it easy, while making sure everyone is fed, clean and happy, what a delicate balance!  I am hoping to spray paint my kitchen table today and paint two sample swatches on the kitchen wall to decide which color we want.  That's my limit for the day, no excessive cleaning, laundry is already done, all I have is maintenance cleaning (dishes, picking up, etc.).

Can I say that I can't believe this baby is coming in 10 weeks??!  I know it seems far away still, but to me, it's nothing!  Kris and I decided we were ready for another baby, and BAM!  He's just about here!  I do have to give a very hearty congratulations to my friend from Vegas, Linda and her husband Dave.  They welcomed their very first baby, a girl Abigail, into their lives this past Monday.  I am so happy for them and they will be such great parents!

This weekend we are getting our Christmas Tree!!  I am so happy!  Kris refused last week, he wasn't ready just yet, but I've been given the green light to take our Christmas stuff down this weekend.  Having those decorations up makes the season so much more enjoyable, and Marin will be excited to help decorate the tree...last year she really didn't care for anything but the bells.

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