Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Portland Playtime

Fun in Portland!  We actually stayed with Kris's aunt and her family in Vancouver, about 30 minutes north, we had a wonderful time, and Marin loved being able to play with her (2nd?1st?) cousins!

Checcking out the Farmers Market, SO AWESOME!  I had to resist the urge to buy, well, everything!  I did bring home some habenero cherry jelly, raspberry honey and spinach pasta.  While we were there, we had the most DELICIOUS tamales....holy smokes....where have those tasty Latin treats been all my life?!  I am SO making those in the near future!

Marin chewing on a totally organic and all red in the middle strawberry, yum!
A super fun park, they even had stuff the adults could monkey around on, nice!

Hey my fans, what's up?
This little seat twirled around and was sitting on an angle, I even took a few rides, WAY fun.

The rose test garden, so pretty!  Marin was too tired to enjoy it's slendor, sadly.

Grumpy Marin and mama....
Oh, the beach....I love the beach, and so did Marin.  She was a little nervous about that freaky sand and it's wierd texture (only for her!), but totally got into the waves.

Marin mid-jump.
Playing in the waves with mama.

Daddy is so fun, he always gets big smiles.

SO CUTE!  I LOVE this pic!

At the ZOO!  Marin loved the zoo :)
Playing peekaboo with the elephant.

Look at the Zebra daddy!
And, the zebra, Ha!

We had so much fun, but are once again glad to be home in our own beds and hoping to get back to the routine.  Work tomorrow, then a day off to prep for Saturday which is....KRIS'S GRADUATION!!!!  My hubby is graduating with his MBA and I am SOOOOO proud of him!  What a blessed journey that we are glad to be done with.  So much harad work, late nights, frustrated days and tears have gone into this moment, and my hubby has persevered through it all, good job babe, I LOVE YOU :)
So....we will be having a small gathering on Saturday at one of aour favorite restaurants, then home for cake and games.  I had made invitations to send...and was so busy...I couldn't send them!  Good thing too, I had typed up the wrong information!  Ahh well ;)

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Tabitha said...

That little girl is getting so big! I'm realizing quickly that they DO grow so fast!! I'm trying to relish every moment but I feel like it's a speeding train that's rushing by me. Being a mommy is so precious. Love you, sis!