Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 Weeks

I cannot believe I have 2 weeks left in Las Vegas!  It really hit me tonight as I walked to my car tonight getting out of work....I only have 2 days of work!!  My mind was racing through so many memories and the wonderful people I am leaving is bittersweet, truly to make such wonderful friends and leave them behind.  And what have I been doing in the meantime?  Well....playing with my little girl, and packing...that's right, I have packed a total of, um, 3 boxes....I know I know.  Honestly, I have always been a last minute packer, I just feel like I need all of my stuff!  No worries though,  I think I have it all figured's our game plan:

Next week:  Kris's last week of work, my last 2 days of work.
     *Saturday:  Kris packs up a few things in his car and drives to Portland.  Marin and I stay behind and pack pack pack it all away, stuffing as many boxes as we can in the garage for holding.
Week After (4th of July weekend):
     *Friday:  Kris flys back to Las Vegas, we pick up and pack up the moving truck.
     *Saturday:  Kris starts the drive up to Portland....again.  Marin and I fly up that afternoon, yay...if you don't already know, Samantha doesn't travel well, and the idea of Marin in a carseat for 18 hours....well, that doesn't exactly give me happy thoughts, so fly we will!
     *Sunday:  Marin and I will find our new ward and try to solicit some unloading help ;)
     *Monday:  Settle in and start unpacking.

Phew!  I think we will all make it, but just send us warm happy thoughts and smiles.

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