Monday, June 21, 2010

Miss Fix-It

As I have mentioned before, Marin is little miss mechanical....anything that needs gadgets or gizmo's or hoopety-hoo's to work, she's on the case!  The other morning while I was eating breakfast, I left the back door open so she could wander out onto the little concrete area (the animals were outside).  I watched her through the window as she examined the sprinkler, and poked her fingers around it and tapped things.  She then came inside, grabbed daddy's wrench that was on the counter, and trotted back outside to "fix" our sprinkler, it was so cute to watch! 

She is getting more and more grown up every day, I can't believe how quickly she is morphing into a little girl from a baby!  She will say things each day and I will look at her and say "Where did you learn that?!".  She says many two-word phrases now and without even "mommy driving" or "daddy sitting" or "piggy crib" (when she wants to put piggy in the crib).  And thank the Lord, she is gaining weight!  For the longest time I (as a mother AND nurse) would freak myself out that she wasn't gaining a ton of weight, but she weighed in yesterday at 23.4 pounds, phew! 

Marin Facts:
  *Favorite movie:  Finding Nemo
  *Bedtime story:  Goodnight Moon
  *Diaper size: 4
  *Favorite snack:  grapes/graham crackers/string cheese
  *Favorite TV show:  Yo Gabba Gabba (so weird!)
  *Ticklish:  everywhere, but especially under her arms ;)
  *Bedtime:  8:30
  *Playground activity:  swinging
  *When she's bored....: she twists her hair with her fingers (into knots!!)
  *Favorite thing to do with mommy:  help in the kitchen
  *Favorite thing to do with daddy:  Lego's/wrestle/swim 
Marin fixing the sprinkler

Saturday was a productive packing day, we were able to pack up the guest room, and Marin's room, and repaint Marin's room.... :(  I was very sad about this one!  I had spent so much time making it look perfect for my little girl!  But had to be done.  Our pictures are off of the wall, and my cookbooks are snugly packed in boxes, waiting in the garage.  It's getting more and more real!  This week is Kris's last week here, and my last two days at work are Friday and Saturday.  Wow!  Last night Kris and I sat down to work out a newly revamped budget (yay?).  We sorely needed one for the move, as I won't be working the first few months (Oh the wonders of transferring a nursing license), so we are trying some new techniques to cut unnecessary spending, I will keep you all updated on how that goes!

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