Monday, June 28, 2010

Missing my Hubby!

Kris left on Saturday morning for Portland and Marin and I are staying behind this week to finish up.  :(  I miss my hubby, I have realized I really don't like being alone, in our house, with a little one, and no husband.  But, he arrived safely and went house hunting yesterday, and today he starts his job!  I love my hubby, he works so hard for his family, such a dedicated man, I am so lucky :)

I have been feeling....ok, I guess.  Friday was not a good day, nauseous all day, but Saturday (my last work day!) was much better, Sunday was fair.  I still am at the point where the only thing that sounds like it won't make me hurl are the simple carbs....bread, pasta, etc.., and simple proteins like cheese.  So, I feel really bloated and fat from eating hardly any green stuff.....all those things I've been eating plug you up, too, just in case you were wondering, haha!  If you haven't already noticed, I put a ticker at the top of the blog, showing the size of our baby each week,  It will have a new size every 7 days on Monday...oh yeah, our due date.....FEBRUARY 14th!  Yes, yes....Valentines Day!  Considering that Marin was born 4 days after our anniversary, and this baby is due around Valentines Day, Kris pointed out we will be throwing birthday bashes instead of snuggling on a romantic cruise on our most romantic days of the year....of's us.....we really didn't plan that too well, eh?  I also put a little pregnancy button/ticker on the L side of the blog, showing a preggo mama and her growing belly....let's hope I can look as good as she will when she's 9 months along.....somehow the animated preggo mama's never get swollen, huh....

And my little Marin, she has been her usual self, into everything and too cute to get mad.  What a sweetie.  Sunday morning I was feeling a little crummy, and Marin had a runny nose and was suuuuper cranky, so I tried laying down with her in our bed to take a nap.  It is the funniest thing in the world to open your eyes and see a little face with bright blue eyes about 2 inches away from your nose staring intently at you.  She had the tiniest lift in the corner of her mouth, making it kind of look like an elusive Mona Lisa smile, so I couldn't help but smile and giggle, which made her smile and giggle.  I love my little girl, she is just too sweet!

Today, well, I am not sure about today.  I was hoping to get to the gym, but there is cleaning that needs to be done around here! 

Oh, and I have to share, I was reading the most interesting thing the other day online about vitamin B6...listen up all you childbearing ladies out there!  I was reading that not only is vitamin B6 good for nausea in pregnancy, but if taken before getting pregnant, it increases your chances of becoming pregnant by like, 40%!  AND, if taken in the first trimester, it decreases your chances of having a miscarriage by 30%!!! WOW!!  I was stunned!!! Folic acid, move over (well, not really), but that is incredible!  The upper dosage limit each day is 100mg, so don't take more than that, otherwise you run into toxicity problems.  I take a 25mg pill each morning (for the nausea), and another one later in the day if the nausea is really getting to me.  But, something to keep in mind!

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