Friday, June 25, 2010

And Then There Were 4

We're Pregnant!

Here's a picture of our 

I had a doctors appointment yesterday, and thought I was further along than the ultrasound showed (as did the doctor), but the ultrasound told us I was 6 weeks and (today) 4 days.  I was hoping to be further along before I made the official announcement, but, well, a girl can only handle so much nausea on her own!

We are still in that risky first trimester, so send some warm thoughts and prayers our way :)  

And, how am I feeling, you ask?  Mostly ok!  This past week the queasiness has really hit me, and it comes and goes in waves.  Last night I was tossing and turning with a very "blah" belly, but I think I am ok this morning.  And shower time....ugh, forget it, shower time is the worst, I am almost always guaranteed to lose my dinner if I set foot in there.  Which isn't to say I don't brave the waters for my own hygienic sanity!

Marin has been less than thrilled about the prospect of a new baby, let me recap our little conversation we had the other week:

Me:  Marin, honey, mommy is going to have a baby, are you ready for a little brother?
Marin:   No
Me:  Are you ready for a little sister?
Marin: No
Me:  Would you like to be all by yourself?
Marin: Uh-Huh!

We will have to work on that I guess.  But, we are very excited and scared and nervous at the idea of a new little one, all the emotions are coming back to me now!  I have determined though that this pregnancy will be better!  Especially in terms of weight gain.  I gained a shameful 53 pounds with Marin (and lost it all, plus some!),  and this time, things will be different.  It was just too hard to get rid of all that weight, so I will be taking a brave risk and tracking my weight gain on the blog, how's that for accountability, eh?  So...stay tuned for that! 

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