Saturday, June 12, 2010


There are moments when a mother just knows her little on is up to no good.  Somehow, mothers are able to  recognize the tense, concentrated silence reverberating through the air and slamming into her motherly receptor sites, triggering an ultra-fast, super smooth corrective action, averting disaster.  I oftentimes remember my own mother showing up at the very pinnacle of my secretive shenanigan, spoiling my fun....and later as a teenager, my mother would somehow manage to sense the exact moment a TV show or movie would have it's one and only  2 minutes of "passionate kissing", and make herself comfy on the couch, or pass through and linger just long enough to kindly request that something else be watched.  Oh, I remember wondering how in the world my mother knew.....and tonight, I had my little "aHA!" moment.  Marin is my eternal helper, always clamoring to help me in the kitchen.  I have grown to love it, however time consuming it may be.  I had made some lemonade and had it sitting in my glass pitcher on the counter, along with a few other items for preparing dinner.  My back was turned at the sink washing tomatoes....and my mommy sense picked up those vibes, something was up.  I whipped around to see Marin dangling half an onion precariously over the top of my fresh lemonade, her fingers itching to drop it in a mere few seconds.  "Marin, honey, no no!"  I call with sweet-loudness.  My good little girl places the onion back on the counter.  Disaster averted.  I turn back to my tomatoes and smile....happy I have realized that I have acquired the un-learnable mommy-sense.  After all, no one wants onion flavored lemonade.

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