Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oh, What a Day

Let me be so sadly honest....I am not patient.  I have never been blessed with the godly virtue, and have managed to sneak away from my time with parenthood with a few teeny-tiny jewels of patience left in my pocket....the rest must have fallen out through the holes along the way.  I wake up in the morning with a renewed and freshly polished awareness to smile and kiss and deep-breathe all my worries that the day my bring.....away.  And when nap time finally arrives....my precious patience jewel is dirty and disgusting....buried beneath clenched teeth, bitten cheeks (weird, i know), and rolling eyes.  I lay my sweet girl to sleep and sigh in shame at my disgraceful display of patient mothering, and hope that in the next hour and a half, I will be able to uncover my precious jewel again and finish off my day a little better.  Sadly, when nap time is cut short, mommy has not yet found her patience.  I scramble inside myself to uncover my precious little gem as I work my way up the stairs to my yelling child....WHERE IS MY PATIENCE????  I open the door with a stone face and work my way to the curtains, "Is there no one to help me?  Think of the child?!".  I realize, help is always there, I just have to ask for it.  I have brushes and water and shovels to find and clean my tiny precious patience gem, I only have to ask for them.  Lord, I may have only been blessed with the tiniest amount of patience known to man, but please help me find it.....and use it, please?

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