Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yo Yo, Molly-oh!

So, the other night, Marin was upstairs looking down at the dog, and all of the sudden she say's (in her high pitched little girl voice), "Yo! Molly!". It was SO funny, Kris and I must have laughed for five minutes. It amazes me how big she is and how much of a little girl she is (as opposed to a baby). Everyday she learns a new word and it just tickles me to hear her say things.

She is the ULTRA- helper and if she hears you banging dishes together, she comes running, saying "Help?, help?", she wants to help you put the dishes away. Kris lets her do the silverware, so she pushes the chair over to the drawer and daddy helps her match up where to put the silverware. She is so funny!

Marin has been "shopping" in my pantry lately. I will find soup cans and salsa jars all over the downstairs. She thinks it is something fun to load up her little shopping cart just like mama does at the grocery store. Sadly, she has learned to NOT drop them on her feet, ouch!

The other week when Marin was sick, she was getting breathing treatments and I would wash out the equipment and put them on the towel to dry. Marin found the plastic epuipment (with the help of her trusty move-able kitchen chair), and spent half and hour putting things together and taking them apart. What a mechanical girl, here are a couple of pictures from that:

I couldn't leave this part out! I was at TJ Maxx (one of my favorites) on a very rare visit, and saw a tablecloth I just COULDN'T pass up. It is a beautiful black and white large flower print and it SCREAMS Paris. The only problem, was that the only rectangular size they had, was twice as long as my kitchen table! I bought it anyway (at 20 bucks!), and immediately brought it home and spread it on the table. It really was waaay too long, and I tried to fold it every which way to make it fit and look good, it it just wasn't working.....and I was getting frustrated. Then I saw some pale lime green fabric ribbon I had saved from a kitchen towel set....and I had a thought! I unfolded the tablecloth and pulled the extra fabric to drape over the ends, and gathered it all together and tied it with the green ribbon. It looks so CUTE! I LOVE the tablecloth because it hides spills prety well, and now my kitchen has a little touch of Paris, check it out!

Marin and I are off to the gym and home for a day full of laundry and dinner clube prep for tonight, have a great one!

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