Friday, March 26, 2010

Packing It On

Marin at her 12 month checkup weighed in at 20 pounds, on the money. Over the course of the next 6 months, we would weigh her at home, and at her 18 month checkup, she weighed in at.....21 pounds, on the money. My worst nightmare as a mother was that they were going to tell me she needed a G-tube or something (hey, I see worst case scenarios at the hospital!), but the pediatrician assured me that as long as she was eating and proportionate, she was fine (which she was). I just couldn't believe that in a whole 6 months, she had gained a measly 1 stinking pound! She ate her food.....I couldn't understand it! So this morning, one month after her 18 month check-up, I weighed my little girl, and she was 22.6 pounds! That girl packed on 1.6 pounds worth of weight in thirty days! Geez Louise! After her checkup last month she really started to gorge out, and eat second helpings of, well, just about everything and want snacks every hour. So, I must say, even though I knew she was healthy before, I at least like knowing she has put on a little weight!

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