Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Busy as Ever

Oh how I wish I had some fun and exciting things to share with my readers! These last few weeks have consisted of a plain old, hum-drum life I guess, so I find it challenging to find cool stuff for you all to read about. I have been working, Kris has been working and doing homework and going to class, I have been watching kids for my kid swap and doing my dinner club, while trying to prep for Europe (yay!), so it has certainly been busy!

I will say my one accomplishment has been busting past my 5 pound mark (SO HARD!) and now I have 4 pounds to lose! I know I can do this!
This is what I have been doing: *Slim Fast for breakfast. *Salad with protein for lunch. *Regular Dinner. *If it is a hungry day (you ALL know what I mean), I eat some fruit or nuts every hour to keep my mouth busy.

I have found that I just get too blasted hungry in the late afternoon and evening to try and limit myself to a salad or a slim-fast for dinner, so I go backwards. Breakfast is really the only meal I
can kind of fool myself into really skimping on. I do need to force myself to eat a salad for lunch, but it's easier to do one for lunch than dinner.

As far as my prep-work for Europe goes, I have a few things left on my list:
-Check with cell phone company for service and find alternate if not.
-Check to see if there is a guardian pick up pass at the airport for my parents.
-Find a GORGEOUS Paris dress for my birthday!
-Color my hair.
-Get a haircut.
-Finish losing the weight and get into those Lucky jeans!
-Pick up facewash.
-Get a refill on my makeup. (why is it you always run out/run low right before a trip!)
-Book the kennel for the dog.
-Find one of my YW to get our mail, feed the cat, clean etc. while we are away.

This is what I have done already:
-Copy of house key.
-Copy of photo ID, Kris and myself.
-Medical release form for Marin.
-Copy insurance cards.
-Print off itinerary.
-Schedule doctors appt.
-Pick up accessories/shoes for trip.

You know, I thought I had made quite a bit of progress until I typed it all up just now....my "to do" list is longer than my "already done" list! What the....! Ahhh well, one thing at a time I suppose.

I will try and post some pics soon enough, Kris has had a ton of homework lately, so my chance on the computer is limited!

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