Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gift Card Love

Kris and I received some gift cards for Christmas, which we LOVE! So last night after dinner, we headed off in search of some great deals and new stuff. I know I know, but it's a rare time when we buy things that include clothes or superfluous things that aren't for the house or to eat. So, we were pretty excited! We decided to go to Target to start, we never really shop there, so it was actually a nice change of scenery as well. We didn't use both of the gift cards we each had, but I scoured the sale racks and found some pretty great deals! I love the racks that are like, 50% or more off, hey, if you pay retail all the time, you are wasting your money I say! I bought 4 out of 5 shirts from the sales rack, one was just too darn pretty to leave on the hanger, even though it was full price I bought it anyway. But hey, 4 out of 5 isn't bad! I decided I needed to buy really nice, pretty shirts that I can pair with a skirt on Sunday and it looks dressy enough, or pair it with jeans to go on a date with, so I think I accomplished my mission. Kris got some clothes also, but he was on his own, so I can't tell you about his adventures in the store. Marin, although she got tons of stuff for Christmas, did pick a few books off of the 1$ shelf, she was being such a good girl :)

Here is my little monkey girl eating her pancake! She LOVES pancakes, and I have found that if I just make a batch for the the family and cook the rest of the batter and freeze the pancakes, I have a super quick breakfast in the morning! I also make pumpkin pancakes and freeze those too, just to get a few more vitamins in her ;)

Today is off to the gym and laundry, then grocery shopping!

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