Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Festivity

Last night was a rare evening as I had no YW and Kris had no homework (Tuesday was the last night of class before a two week break!), so we took the opportunity to have a little celebration! Kris is about halfway through his MBA program and I am so proud of him! He has worked so hard and well, I can't say enough about how much I love him and how I see his love as he spends night after late night sitting in front of the computer trying to make a better life for his family. Anyway, we went to the Olive Garden for dinner and took miss Marin monkey with us....nervously. She has a bad reputation for acting up in restaurants if you don't know already. Kris and I were astonished at how good she was! She sat in her high chair and ate her tomatoes and noodles and even some chicken, the meal was SOOOO pleasant! Kris and I talked and made googley eyes at each other ;) as we watched our daughter eat her dinner, it was fantastic.

After dinner, we headed over to the Bellagio to check out their atrium. One of our favorite seasonal activites. They had of course decorated for Christmas and it was just lovely. Marin had a blast running everywhere and taking in the festive splendor. She kept saying "Oooooooh!" and "Woooow!", so cute. As a side note, I can put her hair in piggy tails on the side of her head, getting most of her hair in the pig tail, it is soooo cute, and it makes her look so grown up!

Here are some of our pictures!

Marin giveng mama a snuggle is the atrium, I love Marin snuggles!
A giant ornament with squirty water underneath.

Marin and Kris in front of the giantest Christmas tree EVER, just wait until you see the rest of the pics.

Isn't this tree HUGE? I think it must be close to, heck, I don't know, it reached to very tippy top of the atrium though. It was beautiful to see something so massive all decorated and lit up.

This picture should give you an idea of how big this tree is, Kris is standing to the right of the base of the tree.

Marin interacting with the camera.

Mr. Snowman. Would you believe he is made of real flowers?

Ooooh, daddy look!

Mommy, what are we looking at here?!

Waiting for the train to come around on the track.

It was such a great night, and Kris is glad to be done with school for a couple of weeks. He finished off his Quantitative Reasoning in Business class (ummm, blech!) and needs to recouperate. Anyone can BS their way through a paper, but you can't really do that with math problems. And I'm no help with math anyway, so he was kind of on his own.
Hopefully next week will be a little less hectic, these past two weeks have been crazy, and I am ready to be home with my family. Have a great one!

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