Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Little Trip to the Park

The weather here has been just about warm enough to spend some time outside, and the other day Marin and I went to the park to run off some energy. She was able to play with some other kiddo's her age and came home STARVING! She ate all of her avacado grilled cheese sandwich and mandarin oranges and went down for a nice long nap.

It has been fun to see Marin grow every day. More and more she is looking and acting like a little girl instead of a baby. She understands and comprehends and responds and it amazes me that she is so smart! Here is her list of current words:

*uh-huh, sock, shoe, sadie, no, hot, all done, dog, kitty, uh-oh, wow, mama, dad, wheee!, what's that (sounds like "uh-sat").*

She has also gotten into cuddling lately, and it's been so nice. Marin was never a cuddly baby, I guess she's like her mama that way. She has never been able to fall asleep in your arms and wants to be up and looking at the world all of the time. Lately though, she will climb up on my lap and either put her head on my chest or on my shoulder. It is so sweet!

Picture Time!

Marin taking stock of the chain ladder. Hmmmmm, can I do it mommy?
I love this picture! She is trying so hard to climb the rock wall! Making daddy proud :)

Mama, can you help me? This looks like fun!
She LOVED the slides and got a huge grin on her face when we went down them. Such a big girl.

Have a great day!
P.S.: I've loaded some Christmas music onto my music player, so turn your sound on for a little holiday spirit!

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