Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Final Countdown

We have taken Marin down to two bottles a day now, hooray! I am excited not to have to deal with bottles anymore, and a little sad I guess. It's yet another manifestation that my baby girl is...well, not a baby anymore! We've cut out her morning bottle, which she seems to be doing well with, she is a bit more eager to eat breakfast and also a bit more willing to take her sippy cup because she's so thirsty. She takes a bottle mid morning around 11 or so, and then her other one at bedtime. The next one to cut out will be the mid morning one, and the final will be the bedtime. I am hoping to get all of the bottles out by 18 months, and then it's on to potty training, yikes! I can't believe I am even saying that.

You know what's funny is that last night, the YW activity was at the home of one of the other leaders who had a baby in October, and as I held her baby, I thought "Wow! My little girl used to be this little?!". Every day she is more and more like a little girl, I can't say it enough! It wasn't enough to make me want another one just yet though. I am happy to have my body to myself for a little while, and it's nice not to be carrying a baby everywhere and have a walking child (sooo nice!). Soon enough I suppose, right?

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