Monday, December 14, 2009


We tell Marin so many times every day "I Love You!", and now she can say it back....kind of.... it sounds more like "I Lub", and then she lays her head on your shoulder. So sweet!

Last week was CRAZY! Yikes! I finished up work on Saturday and was glad to be done. We finally managed to get our Christmas tree up and decorated, hooray! I tried to let Marin help me decorate the tree, but she was so much more interested in hanging onto the decorations and running all over the house with them. So I gave her some jingle bells and a Christmas tin and let her have fun. I will have to take a picture of our tree, it is the the fattest little tree I have ever seen!

Coming up in January, and I am reeeeeally excited about this, two of my friends from the ward and I are starting a dinner club together! If you have never heard of one, this is what it's about: We all choose a day of the week we want to cook a meal, and we make enough for the other families and drop off dinner. Isn't that great?! I get three meals a week for the price of one big meal! I love it! We have worked out the details and I am so excited to start things up. Not only will I get the opportunity to share my meals and recipes with other people, but I get to try great new recipes from other people, pretty cool, no?!

Starting in February, my work schedule is going to be crazy. Lest I have some administrative readers from the hospital, I shan't get into the gory and ridiculous reasons why I will have no consistency to my schedule whatsoever. What I WILL say, is that I am lucky enough to have another LDS girl from work that I will be kid swapping with. That is going to be a huge money saver for us, and a great opportunity for Marin to make some new friends!

And can you believe, I have not done a LICK of Christmas shopping! Not that this year Kris and I are allowing much shopping as we spent more than enough on our Paris tickets. A couple of gifts under the Christmas tree will be more than plenty :) I do need to get on the ball with my Christmas baking, I was thinking of making some chocolate bark and shotrbread cookies for the families on my list....mmmmmm :)

Marin is down to one bottle a day, her bedtime bottle, and has done surprisingly well! Of course, she'll never refuse a bottle, but she will drink from her sippy cup when she's thirsty, and I'm satisfied with her number of wet diapers a day, so I think we are A-O-K. Next step....POTTY TRAINING! And I do wonder if she is on her way to one nap a day. Some days she wants two, other days she refuses to go down for a second nap and screams the whole time. Speaking of screaming, I hear a little girl who had a too-short nap yelling for her mommy.

Marin and daddy having story time, she loves daddy and loves story time.
Marin helps me go get the mail in the evening time, and she waits for me to hand her the mail key, here she is waiting for that key!

Putting the jingle bells into the Christmas tin!

Have a good one!

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