Monday, December 28, 2009

The Case of the Missing Food Storage

So, I had ordered some food storage at church on Sunday, and I called the girl who was going to be delivering my stuff to ask when she was going to be dropping it off or if I needed to go pick it up. She said she had already delivered it.....Hmmmmm? I called and asked Kris if maybe he put it away somewhere......No? Hmmmmm. My only conclusion is that someone must have stolen it! Crazy right?! At first I thought that they only would have taken it if they saw what it was and really needed it, but after a conversation with my brother-the-cop, he said it doesn't matter what it is, people don't even look at what it is they are taking, they just take it. Well, I guess I hope they put it to good use then! I'm not mad, but it does make me scrunch my face up to think about someone stealing a few cans that contain powdered milk, dried onions and potato pearls...haha! I wonder what they must have thought when they opened it up and saw that! Oh well :)

I made some Christmas goodies last week and put them in cute little cellophane bags to deliver. I love the cellophane bags because I think they look nicer than a paper plate covered with plastic wrap or tin foil. Anyway, here is my basket full and ready to deliver!

I have been giving Marin a spoon pretty much every time I give her a meal. She will sometimes try to use it and other times just go in and grab. I thought I would give yogurt a try, and do you know, she got the hang of it! It was just thick enough to stick to the spoon so she could get some every time she dipped it in. She finished the whole thing with her spoon!

Goin' in for more!

Oh, and the Dinner Club meal calendar is all set for January! I am so excited for this meal exchange and can't wait to see how things go, I will certainly let you all know. Maybe it's something you can try where you live!
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