Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bubble Dog

I surely do wish I had some uber interesting news to share with all my readers, but. . . unfortunately, life has just been the same as ever. I sometimes wonder if anything fun will EVER happen to me ever again! Each day is the same routine, well, I guess I could share THAT with you. . .

The Lyman Routine (courtesy of Marin, of course):

7am (or earlier): Rise and Shine! Marin is awake and ready to go, and get's very cranky unless mama gives her a drink. She'll actually start to cry if daddy tries to take her for a quick hug, and that NEVER happens.

7:30: Time for the rest of breakfast. Some oatmeal or cereal and some fruit, although, due to Marin's disdaine for anything veggie-licious, I have been mixing her fruit with her cereal and then giving her a veggie on the side. I know I know, I am such a mean mother!

8: Get dressed and playtime! She spends a lot of time on her belly working on her crawl and getting into everything. She prefers the dog toys or bone and anything icky she can find to stick in her mouth.

9: Naptime! She goes down on her belly now and will usually sleep for about an hour, although, if I'm lucky, she'll sleep for up to 2 1/2 hours some days!

10: Up and nurse, maybe a few little crispy rice snacks, then playtime again. When she's in her walker, she'll try and help me empty the dishwasher, grabbing at all the plates and silverware. She is verrrry sneaky.

12: Lunchtime. Some chicken and sweet potato or a veggie, and thn fruit on the side. I have to go every other bite with the fruit so she'll actually open her mouth and eat. Otherwise, she'll shut her mouth and turn her head and lunchtime is over. I've just decided that if she stops eating, we're done. I'm not pushing it, she'll eat when she's hungry, but no crispy rice snacks! Marin will then have her bottle of apple juice, and I'll pump.

1: Naptime again, another hour or so. This means lunchtime for me:)

2: Up and play for a bit, I'll usually read her some stories in then afternoon, and she loves that.

3: I'll nurse her and then she'll have a snack, some cut up fruit, usually some kind of fruit she can feed herself.

5:30 or 6: Dinnertime. A variety of options, we'll give her her own food, and then she'll piece off of what we're having for dinner, some rice or fish (no, not shellfish yet!) or some broccoli, whatver we eat. She may or may not nurse after dinner.

7:30 or 8: Bathtime! A nice scrub in the tub and then into jammies. She'll nurse again before she goes down for bed.

Man, I am telling you, this schedule is pretty rigid. Marin does NOT tolerate it well if we change it up a little bit. There is NO wiggle room. Last night we thought we might stop by Red Robin for a dinner (a nice change!), but Marin was loudly protesting in the back seat, so we just went home. This morning I had to haul her out to pick up Maddy, and she cried the whole way home and all through breakfast. She does not want anyone messing with her schedule.

BUT! This week is my BIRTHDAY! And that means a big fat juicy date with my husband, WITHOUT our lovely little girl :) I can't believe this year is the big 25. Who would have thought I would ever be a quarter of a century old! I never would have thought I would get to this point. Wow! But, I had some mysterious packages show up on the doorstep yesterday, and Kris won't tell me what we're doin this week, but I'm excited!

Ok, now I really have to get moving and get ready. Have a great one!

Picture Time!

Marin getting some story time with daddy. Sh LOVES her daddy.

What a sweet, innocent face. Good thing she's a cute dog. . .

A nice big mouthful of crispy snacks, YUM!

Marin absolutely packs those little snacks into her hand, she literally sweeps her tray to get as many as she can, and then, tries to shove them all into her mouth.
I love her hair in this picture, post nap bedhead.

This video is of the dog and some bubbles. She LOVES going after the bubbles, it's really cute!

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