Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Unexpected Sprint

What HAVE those Lyman's been up to? Ahhh, the same old good times, we have just been happy being a family :) One thing I am learning is to be better at taking things one step at a time, not thinking too far ahead, not dwelling on the past, but just enjoying the present moment until it fades into the next. I have to! My baby girl is growing SO fast!

Saturday I worked, and things were actually pretty slow believe it or not. The census comes in waves, nd it was just a "low tide" I guess. That day, Kris's dad Duane arrived at the house. He's in town for some business and staying with us, which is so nice. Well, that day, he helped Kris build some shelves for the garage! We had been talking about it, and finally had the man power once Duane got here, to actually build them, so when I got home from work that night, there were shelves in my garage! It was wonderful! The garage had been getting pretty cluttered with stacked boxes and paraphenalia, so now it's all neatly stacked :) I'll have to take some pics once I get it arranged how I want it.

Sunday I taught a lesson on YW and we went to out marriage and family relations class. Kris and I were really hoping the class was going to be. . . good, and it's turning out to be. . . not what we were hoping for. The information is pretty basic, and there isn't any class discussion or hardcore gospel tie-in's. But, we're still going, if anything, just so we don't make the teacher feel bad. That night we had some yummy roast chicken, roasted yams with molasses and cilantro (my own creation!) and ultra-infused brocccoli. I was really excited to learn that I could program my oven to turn on at a certain time so the chicken would be ready in time! I set it to turn on at 2:45pm (church is 1-4) and we had delicious chicken!

Monday was. . . a waste. Sorry to say, but it was! I was planning on going to the gym that morning after Marin woke up from her nap, so as I was getting dressed, Kris sent me a text and said someone had left a message on his phone saying there was a last minute presidency meeting for YW that morning! So I called the president to say I would be there once Marin got up from her nap, and then I got ready to go the meeting. Well, Marin did't wake up for another hour, so by the time I got her dressed and fed her, it was too late to go to the meeting, and I was already showered ad ready, so I couldn't go to the gym! Grr! Oh well, we got to see BJ and his girlfriend Cassie that night, and I made rice krispie treats too :)

Tuesday was baby watching day, and that is always a long day. Maddy kept spitting up, which she always does, and it is always A LOT! I feel bad, because I don't want to pick her up for fear she'll puke on me or my carpet or all my toys. . . she's a good babe though. Kris didn't walk the dog that morning, so she was pretty crazy all day, chasing the cat, chewing shoes and toys. . . ahhhh! But, I made some French Onion Soup and fresh bread for dinner, mmmmmm:) And, it was really interesting, last night while Kris was getting the baby ready for bed, I took the dog out to go for a walk, and ended up running pretty much the whole way! I really surprised myself! I just felt like running and I kept going and going and going! It must have been almost 2 miles! I must say, usually I stop running because my lungs can't keep up, but this time, my lungs were feeling great, and the only reason I stopped was because the dog starting to run in front of me and was tripping me. A nice surprise!

Kris and I have a date tonight while Duane is still in town and can stay at home with baby. I'm not sure what we'll do, but we have $20 to burn and we need to go party! Right. I don't know what we'll do, maybe a trip to In-N-Out burger or something.

Ok, Picture time!

Marin after she's been eating beets :)

And Marin eating daddy's watch. . .
She's really cute, she's not quite crawling on her knees, but she does this little shuffle on her belly across the floor to get what she wants.

I had a lady at the DMV the other day tell me that Marin had very velvety blue eyes, and I would have to agree. So . . . . subtle-y bright and very velvety :)

Marin plyaing with Mollie

A video of our little munchkin taking the world by storm in her walker, she loves that thing!

Off to the bank!

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