Monday, April 6, 2009

100 Posts and Going Strong

Phew! What a busy day! I have dragged my poor little child all over the greater Las Vegas area today. We went to the Fashion Show Mall so I could get facewash, then to the doctor's office, and then to the hospital so I could get my TB test read and pick up a few things, then we were off to the eye doctors to pick up my contacts, and then to Smith's to drop off the Red Box movie. Poor girl was so tired when we got home, I put her straight down for a nap, and there she slumbers. She has been such a good baby :)

Yesterday was Conference Sunday! As much as I now love conference Sunday, I get reeeally antsy. I have such a hard time sitting for more than a little over an hour, so I just squirm in my seat, trying to listen, but wanting to get up and move around. I guess it's the nurse in me. I'm so used to moving every second, and only being able to sit for a few minutes at a time, that sitting for an hour is just unnatural! However, conference is wonderful, and I always walk away with a renewed sense of "Hey! I really CAN do this!". Life is freakin HARD sometimes, and there are days when you feels like there is so much on your plate, and you have already eaten more than your hypothetical uncle Harry you just want to spew your undigested contents all over the place. It has just made such a difference kowing that our church leaders are there to support us.

This upcoming Sunday is Easter! And for us, that means we also move into our new church building and chage meeting times to 11am. I am pretty excited, it will be a great change :)

Picture Time!

Mollie getting some playtime with Kris. She is such a puppy.

Marin in her jammies on Sunday "watching" conference. A few toys are always fun!
Kris took this on Saturday while Marin was working on her crawl, she has a little scowl on her face, and Kris just loves this picture!

Big blue eyes. Miss monkey in the bathtub having a little chew on her plastic bucket. . .

Have a great one guys!

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