Monday, May 4, 2009

(1 of 2) From the Birthday Girl. . .

Ahhhh the big 25 has arrived. That's right, I have turned a quarter century old! I NEVER thought that day would come. When you're younger, you think that the future is sooooo FAR away, that getting married and having babies only happens to you when you are an adult, and then all of the sudden. . . BAM! Some guy comes along and sweeps you off your feet and off to a far away magical city and then you celebrate an anniversary and grow a belly and have a baby and then. . . 25. I thought that 25 only happened to people who were grown up, and I don't remember growing up, I don't remember when that happened! But alas, it has come and gone, and I suppose I am working my way to 26 now <8^0 That is just crazy to me.

The birthday however was a very good one, well the celebration was. My birthday was the 30th, a Thursday, and since I work Friday's, the best bet was going out Wednesday night, so out we went, sans child :) Our friends watched Marin for us (including feeding and bathing!) and we went to a French restaurant called Marche Bacchus. It was just a few miles away actually, and located on a lake, so we ate next to the water (and waterfall!) and listened to live jazz, just lovely. we had a cheese sampler and mussels to start, soooo good! With fresh bread and the most yummy balsamic vinegar. For dinner, I had the duck confit and Kris had the lobster pot pie, both were really yummy, and for dessert, we both had carmel bread pudding. I can't tell you how nice it was to be alone with my husband, just talking and hearing the waterfall and the saxaphone, ah just soo nice :)

Thursday was a tiny celebration at home, Kris brought home a little cake and some flowers and had a few little gifts for me, he is such a sweet husband. He got me an immersion blender (for when I make leek soup or tomato soup), a kitchen scale (for measuring chocolate or other stuff when I bake), a splatter guard (to put on the sautee pan when I do meat), and some tiny spatulas (nothing says 'I love you' like a spatula!). Of course he can never go wrong getting me some kind of gadget for my kitchen, I guess it's kind of like a guy getting tools for his toolbox :)


This is actually MY birthday present to ME! A new purse! It has been sooooo long since I have bought a new purse for myself, and it was between this one, or a light blue one, Marin picked this one though, so now I have a snazzy new yellow/gold purse!

Our table with bread and dipping goodies.

The waiter was nice to take a pic for us.

The little waterfall to my left as I was sitting at the table.

The view from our table.

Happy Birthday girl!

Next post to arrive soon, so stay posted!

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