Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Paying up for Lost Time

Just a super quick post befo
re I hit the sack. Tomorrow is off to work again! Well, about the title, guess who got a another ticket. That's right, I got a ticket. After I had dropped off Maddy on Tuesday, I was almost home, and had been driving, honest to goodness, slower than I usually drive, and I got pulled over. I was so bummed, I had just finished taking care of my registration stuff, and then this! I told the officer I was a nurse and asked him if he really had to give me a ticket, and he still gave it to me. Dork face. I have usually been able to get away with no tickets with my charm and cute face or by pulling my nurse card. However, I have found that my chubbier post baby face must not be so endearing now. I guess I'm just making up for it all now.

A few pics for you. . .

She loves chewing on this toothbrush. Am I doing this right guys?
This is Marin's toy that the neighbor across the street was thowing out. It is so fun! She likes how it makes noises.

Marin getting a tickle by daddy!

A great picture from our picnic last week.

Marin playing during our picnic.
Smile for the camera!

She just loves her daddy.

We have a bunch of great video's, and I'll post one later.

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Tabitha said...

Chubby face? Pshaw!!! You have no chubby face!