Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can we PLEASE try something new?

I just don't know what it is! I swear I have never been sick so many times in my life as I have since I had a baby. I am sick of being sick! It seems like no sooner do I finish with one cold, than I get another one. I feel so bad because I had to call in to work tomorrow, and I HATE doing that. If there is any job where calling in is the worst, being a nurse is it. This is because when you're not there, everyone else has to pick up your slack, and do the work you would (should) have been there to do. I would LOVE to not be sick for quite some time. I'm not sure if it is just pure exhaustion or maybe my body is deliberately getting sick so I can pass those antibodies on to Marin, I have no clue, but a change of pace would be nice!

Today has been particularly hard. Marin I think is ok for the most part, I have just been tired and headache-y and at my wits end all day. Lunchtime with Marin was a nightmare, a screaming crying nightmare of not wanting to eat her chicken and peas, and I just couldn't deal with it! I felt awful, and to have a belligerent baby (yes I know, courtesy of myself) sobbing and shedding crocodile tears just about tipped me over the edge. So today, Marin has been doing her thing. I sure do love my child, but gosh, there are days. . .

Last night was my rescheduled first policy review meeting! I was stressing about it all day, typing up the agenda and organizing everyone's folder and making chocolate chip cookies and cleaning and just trying to get everything ready. Finally, after I had all my ducks in a row, sometime around 4 pm, I started to calm down and realize that I really COULD do this! The meeting started at 7, and as I worked my way through the material, I actually felt very comfortable. The only problem was that I was absolutely FLYING through the material, and I kept looking at the clock thinking it was much later than it was, and then realizing I still had an hour to go! We had some open discussion time, and some snacks and then it was time to leave! So, all went well, although, I did start to go hoarse by the end. Now my only concern is what I am going to fill up the NEXT meeting with!

Well, my little Marin is 8 months old. I guess she's not so little anymore, and I have been trying to think of when the appropriate time is to wean her. Kris and I have talked about it a lot, and I have looked up stuff on the internet trying to find what the right way is, and I guess there isn't one. My goal is to be done by the time she is a year. I really don't want to continue after that or start weaning at a year, I would like her to be done by that time (which is recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics). Kris and I have talked about how now that she is eating chicken (and other meats soon!), it is ok for us start doing this. The decision I came to is to switch out just one of her feedings a day with apple juice, her after lunch feed. This way, she stays hydrated, and still has her other feedings. Once she hits 9 1/2 months, I may consider switching out another feeding, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Anyway, She won't take it from a sippy cup (unfortunately) so I put it in a bottle (not my preference), and she did fine the first day, but today, she just chewed on the bottle nipple. Today of all days too. But, well keep trying.

Kris is still plugging away at his job, he is doing great and stil loves it. Working for the University of Phoenix has just been a huge blessing for us. He is getting ready to start his MBA program here next month and is really excited. I guess I am too, since class is only one night a week, I should be able to handle that! Isn't it sad that I get so frustrated having him gone from the house? I never realized how much it bothers me having a husband that is away at a meeting or now, school. Anyway, he is working hard and doing great!

Picture time!

Ahhhhh, BUSTED! The little monkey getting into all sorts of mischief! Here she is under the end table in the front room, discovering a cord.

She just loves the cords. I have to keep a close eye on her, little stinker!
Playing with her new Little Mermaid watering can :)

I received a little bouquet of fake flowers from Kris's bestamor (Marin's oldamor), well, I think that's who their from, and I just love them! Normally I am not a fan of fake flowers, but they really were just so lovely, I wanted to display them somewhere (out of baby's reach). I ended up taking some stuff I alreay had and rearranging it for a new fireplace display. It turned out really well, and I was able to put some other non kid friendly stuff up there too, like some little glass beads.
You can't really see the flowers very well in this pic on the left side. . .

Below is the left side of the fireplace mantle, you can see the flowers, with the glass beads in the container holding them.

Above: The right side of the mantle reflects my infinite love for Paris. I still have never been there, but my ultimate dream is to go and just immerse myself in everything the French have to offer. I can't wait to go!

Have a great one guys!

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