Sunday, March 8, 2009

Somebody's Teething. . . .

. . . . and it's not Marin. That's right. Marin has yet to cut a tooth, but her mama on the other hand, is sprouting a new calcium rich solid mass in her gums. Ugh! Yes indeed, I have a happy little wisdom tooth on it's way. Congratulations to me I guess. The other day I was rubbing my gum with my tongue (rhyming unintended) and I thought I felt a little bump, and I just passed it off as a scratch from a hard piece of toast or something. Then I was out on a walk with Marin and all of the sudden I thought "Wait! It could be a tooth!", and I promptly shoved my finger back to near-gag-land and poked around until I found that sharp little poke-y new piece of flair in my mouth. So far it hasn't been hurting, so that's good news, however, when I shared this recent news with a charge nurse at work, and my husband, they quickly proceeded to tell me horror stories. Oh yes! Horror stories of how wisdom teeth are such big teeth, sometimes the dentist has to chip away chunks of the tooth and then get gi-normous pliers and pull these teeth from their roots which are deeply imbedded in YOUR BRAIN! AACK! I don't want to hear this! So what am I going to do? Not sure. I wish this could have happened 8 years ago in high school so I could have been cool like everyone else getting out THEIR wisdom teeth. But, I suppose I should make a trip to the dentist. . . :(

Ahh well, what else is new at the Lyman house? Kris is doing great at his new job, so far, he has totaled 8 starts (people starting classes) for March, and that is really good. Th only other person that had that many starts was some other girl who had been doing this for like, 4 years. I am soooo proud of him! And the month is just beginning! This means his review is going to go over really well, and that means Kris is going to want to get a dog. :) Yes. A dog. Trust me, I want a dog just as much as he does, and he has been so patient, because it never seems to be the right time or the right amount in our bank account I guess. But, we'll see. One day at a time!

And, I have started recruiting members for my policy review committee. I get a little more nervous every day it gets closer. People are a little scared to do extra-curricular activities for work, so I had to start bribing people with food! I told them I would make treats and fresh bread, so that got me 2 recruits. Only 2 more to go!

And for the always fun part of the blog, news about Miss Marin Monkey! I can't get over what a good baby she is, every day I think that. In fact, there are some days she just doesn't cry at all. What a sweet girl! Marin is just a hungry hungry girl. She loves her food and complain if you don't get it into her mouth fast enough. A few weeks ago she had her 6 month check up and weighed in at 16 pounds 4 ounces and 27 inches long. She is getting soooo big! 50th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height. Of course her head is still super big, but she is right on track!

She has aso been making some. . .forward progress in her walker. For the longest time she has been been going backwards, and lately she's learned to lean forward and go after what she wants. Usually it's mommy or daddy, and sometimes kitty :) She has been doing great sitting up on her own. She's actually been doing it for a while, but now she can do it for longer periods of time without tipping over to one side. Good job my little one! At her checkup, we got an ok (actually, the idea), to give her a sippy cup to play with. I was hoping that maybe by the time she turned a year old, she would have figured out the concept, and use that instead of a bottle. I don't want her to be the kid that hauls a bottle around with her until she's 3 or something. Anyway, it's only been about a week since Kris picked up some little sippy cups, and she has got it down! CRAZY! Initially she would just play around with it in her mouth, and I would occasionally tip it up and squeeze some water in her mouth so she could learn, and she's got it. Kris first noticed it yesterday, andI watched her suck on it today. Now, the water does dribble all over her chin and clothes, but it's pretty cute.

Picture time!

Ok, dad! Don't have a heart attack. Just relax! Marin LOVES to be tossed into the air. She is a thrill seeker, just like mommy and daddy. You can see a BIG smile on her face in this picture.
Here she is playing with daddy! The butterfly you see, she just LOVES. It flaps it's wings and rolls around and plays music. Marin will grab it and just about lay on top of it. The poor little butterfly, you can hear it's rotors clicking as it tries to move and flap it's wings :(

Hello everyone! Look at my hair!

Big smile for all her fans out there. What a sweetie, she is such a flirt! Don't know where she got that from. . .

Here she is with her sippy cup. I love these sippy cups because they have removable handles which really help her grab on.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! What sweet girl. This picture really shows you what she is like everyday. An absolute joy.

Marin found daddy's shoes the other day. I had to take them away because she stuck a shoelace in her mouth and made a really gross face (I know that can't be good). And she scoots to wherever she wants. This little girl is soooo close to crawling!

Here is Marin playing with her friend Madelyn on Tuesday. I sat them both up on the couch ans Maddy was squeezing Marin's cheeks, it wa really cute.
Holding hands!

This picture makes Marin look like a total chub-a-lub! Score one for breastmilk!

Little sweetie waiting for her lunch. She looked like Strawberry Shortcake in this outfit, sooo cute!

Have a good one!

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