Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fever Kisses

Ahhh, Saturday night. I am so relieved to be home. It's been a long few days! Thursday night Kris and I went to bed and Marin started making some noises, so Kris took the baby monitor into the guest room to sleep. Around 1130, he brought Marin in and she was burning up! Poor little monkey, she was 103.0! I gave her some Tylenol and fed her, she was not feeling well at all. The day before, I had noticed she was a little warm, but I hadn't really checked it because I passed it off as teething. That night was a long night. Kris was pretty upset, so we brought the pack and play into our room and she was up, on and off. Just waking up crying. I called in sick to work on Friday to take care of her (of course I couldn't send her to play with Maddy either!). She didn't really want to eat any food on Friday, just wanted to nurse all day. I took her to the doctors that afternoon, and he mentioned it was most likely just a virus (as I suspected) and sent us home. Kris was with her today, and she was still having some low grade temps, but better than yesterday, so I think she's on the mend :)

I worked today, and can I just say, I am so grateful I have a wonderful husband who is a great father. There are so many crap-o dads out there, and I am so lucky I have a husband who gets worried sick when his baby girl has a fever. I admitted a 2 month old baby boy to the unit tonight because he needed a blood transufsion. His mom and grandma brought him up from the ER, and mom was young, but pretty capable. When the dad showed up an hour later (also very young), he went straight to the corner of the room, sat down, set up his laptop, and started playing a Star Wars online card tournament. And 3 hours later, he hadn't gotten up at all. I don't think he looked at his son, let alone touched him, and here is his little boy, who is pretty sick. I couldn't imagine! Ack! I was so frustrated being in the room, I wanted to throw his laptop across the hall and yell at him like the little boy he was! Who ever gave permission for some people to have babies?! But, I am so glad I got a wonderful man who loves his baby girl, that just makes me love him so much more :)

Not much on the menu for tomorrow, church at 1 and then. . . . family time! A few pictures to see:

Kitty cat really has to vie for attention nowadays. She likes to curl up on Kris's bum ;)
The rest of these were taken on Friday when she was sick, but it was right after she had taken a nice looong nap, so she was pretty happy for about 20 minutes.

Big smiles for her mama.

I love the look on her face, so curious and cynical, such a ham.

BIIIIG blue eyes! Showing some love to the camera.
This is my favorite picture. She has such a sweet little face, and pose. I don;t know how we ended up with such a cute baby.


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