Monday, March 2, 2009

Ahh, the pictures have arrived!

So here they are! Man! Can I just say how spoiled we are with fast internet? Because, when it doesn't work. . . I get sooo mad! Tonight I was finally able to load them. Good thing too, I think I almost might have had a riot on my hands if I didn't load some pics pretty quick. Who knew that baby Marin withdrawls could be so bad? Oh, I guess I knew. I feel it every weekend I work!

This is the Pinewood Derby car Kris made for the competition at church. He did a great job :)

Hey, there's my little girl! Such big smiles for her mama (and her fans of course!).

Standing on her own. . . almost! Such a cute pic. The other day, Kris had her standing on our bed, peeking over the headboard looking out the window, it was really cute.

I can almost reach it guys! Almost!

Haha! Hey everyone! See how my eyes match my pretty dress?

The time had finally come. We moved our coffee table into that nook in the back left corner. This way, Marin would have more room to play. And now we have a really bright new coffee table :)

Hello everyone :)
Sometimes monkey gets stuck when she tries to roll, she'll bump up against the little loops. This used to frustrate her, but now she just rolls right on over it.

This is by far my most favorite picture. She has the sweetest face, and you can see her blonde hair!

Happy baby! Bestemor got her some bibs, and the package had some foam sticker hearts, so monkey let me put them on her sweet face.

Ok mama, can I take these off my face now?

Marin heled me bring in the mail tonight, and she was playing with the junk mail on the floor. I didn't realize until after I put her to bed, but she had gnawed off a corner of an envelope! Gross! Ahh well, a little more fiber can't hurt right? Besides, it's not like she ate a fly or anything . . .!
Not much on the schedule for this week. Some people from work are getting together at a resturant for some food and laughs on Wednesday. It's been a rough couple of weeks for everyone at work, so Marin and I will go for a little bit (Kris works the late shift :( ) and just have some fun.
I need to figure out how to better organize my precious little cubes of frozen, pureed, baby food delicacies. I've been just putting them in little plastic baggies, but the freezer is so disorganized! I think that making peas is the most time consuming of all the veggies I've pureed so far. You wouldn't think so, but the outer waxy shell doesn't puree, it just gets cut into chunks, which, even get caught in MY throat. So, in order to get them out, I have to mash them through a strainer, which takes a while. Ahh the joys of motherhood. It's worth the trouble though, for my baby :)
Have a good one guys!

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