Monday, March 23, 2009

My Husband Did What?!

My husband cooked me dinner.....! I still can't get over it! Last night, I came home, and Kris had made me meatloaf! And not only did he make me meatloaf, he made chocolate chip cookies! I was absolutely speechless :) The meatloaf was wonderful, and the chocolate chip cookies were delicious. I was sooooo impressed! Kris has never really made any sort of venture in the kitchen, which has never really bothered me just because I love cooking. We had kind of gotten in the habit of me picking up some food on the way home from work just because I didn't want to cook when I got home (the good stuff though! Like Cafe Rio etc...), so in order to save money, we decided that Kris would help out by making something on friday and saturday nights. I gave him a few cookbooks that called for mostly pantry ingredients, and he did great! Good Job Baby!

This past weekend I actually ended up working on Sunday too. All three days in a row. . . blah. They had scheduled me to work next Wednesday (which I can't do), and I had tried getting someone to switch with me, with no luck. So while I was working on Saturday, they asked me if I could work on Sunday, and I told them I would if they gave me Wednesday off. Snap. Done! I didn't marry a guy that could sell Time Share for nothing (I HAVE picked up a few tricks). Even though it was a good weekend, 3, 12 hour days in a row is a LONG time. I missed my little girl so much! I happily hopped out of bed at 4am to feed her this morning so I could snuggle her fuzzy little head :) Of course I missed my hunny too. I always love coming through the door into his arms after work, he always smells so good.

My friend Stormy is coming over today! Hooray! I haven't seen her in sooo long. We used to spend so many nights up talking about life and guys and food and gospel stuff and all the things girls talk about. Lots of memories :) I really miss living close to Stormy. Not much on the menu for today, we need to go get a few fresh groceries and then I have my eye appt at 3:45, which is good, because my contact ripped yesterday at work and I spent the whole day feeling like I had an eyelash in my eye (Kris was so nice and Jimmy-rigged my glasses last night for me).

I DO have lots of pictures to post, but I will post them in a little bit, I need to go get ready, Stormy will be here in an hour or so. Love to all the lads and lasses!

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