Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Garbage Picker

Yes indeed. Marin has learned a new trick. And this has greatly pleased her mother! Marin has found the garbage can! She LOOOVES the garbage can for some reason, and can't keep her chubby little fingers off of it! Since she has now become the master of maneuvering skills in her walker, she will back up and move forward and charge the garbage can, tipping it over, or she'll push it with her walker all around the kitchen. She also enjoys grabbing at the bag lining that is folded on the outside of the garbage can, ripping off small portions for her mother to quickly snatch away before she stuffs them in her mouth. The kitchen does seem to be a favorite place for Marin, because I'm usually in it, she'll follow me all around the island, or she'll nudge my achilles wih her walker and pin me against the cupboards, that's always nice :) I don't mean to sound negative, it makes me laugh because she is really so cute, and it's funny to watch her tiny little body go running across the kitchen! She has also really enjoyed my kitchen utensils; the ice cream scooper, measuring cup and spoon, whisk, the coasters, anything really. I hope it's a sign of what's to come!

Would you believe I have had 6 people sign up for my policy review committee? Man! Now that means I have to hold a first meeting, which I'm nervous about, and I have to take minutes! I don't know how to do that! But I know who does. . . . Mom! If anyone has taken minutes to equal a mans lifetime, it's my mom. I think she has been taking them everyday, twice on Sunday for eons! So, I need to get some advice to taking minutes :)

Kris has really been itching to get a dog, and since he's had his new job, it's almost like a "job well done" for this accomplishment. So, he's been looking online at a website that rescues golden retrievers in the Las Vegas area. Normally, I would say no to a rescue dog, but, most of the dogs they have coming in are goldens that have been given up by families in the valley that have lost their homes d/t foreclosure. So, knowing that they have been family dogs before, and have been taken care of, I feel ok about that. There are a lot of goldens in need here that have been given up by their families, and it makes me so sad! So, we had an inspector-for-possible-dog-owners come last night and we told her our requirements for the dog, she told us that their first consideration for any dog referral would be Marin. If we do get a referral, we can trial run the dog for a week, and see how well of a fit it is for us, and if it's no good, then we just say no, give the dog back and keep waiting. It may quite some time before a dog becomes available, but, that's ok :)

I guess our church meeting time will be changing again! We have a new building we will be moving into in a few weeks, and we will be meeting at 11am instead of the 1pm we have now. That is JUST fine with me! 1pm is just waaaay too late for me. I have always had church at 10am, so when I had to go at 1, it was so late! We would get home at 4:30 and the day was done!
So 11am will be wonderful!

Picture Time!

My little chef! With her measuring cup, you can't see the measuring spoon in the other hand. :)

Here is Marin looking for the cat, once she see's her, the chase is ON!
Marin getting tickled by daddy! She gives us some big squeels!

Here she is looking at daddy as he came down the stairs.

Some more playtime with daddy. He LOVES his little girl :)

What daddy doing?

Have a good one guys, I'm off to the temple tonight!

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